Heart Surgery Survivors and Thrivers
may be interested in what Dr. Larry has to say.

I just ran across another blogger who might have some helpful ideas regarding healthy living after open heart surgery. He has a brand new blog about the bad effects of a poor life style.

My surgery took place nearly a dozen years ago and anything having to do with a healthy heart has always grabbed my interest.

I plan to follow Dr. Larry's posts for awhile. If you've been there, too (surgery, angioplasties, stents, defibs and pacers), you might want to take a look at his comments.

They are at "Help, My Life Style is Killing Me"

To your "Healthy Surfing"


We're Doing It Again This Year - How about You?

The 7th Annual Internet Toy Drive!!

We are proud to be a partner with the official U.S. Marines "Toys for Tots" program in The 7th Annual Internet Toy Drive.

It's a sad fact that millions of children in the United States will NOT have a single gift to open on Christmas Day!

We aim to change that and make sure EVERY child has at least one present 'from Santa' under their tree. You can Help a needy child in YOUR community right now, too.

Please Join Us. Thank you for Caring. Richard Rossbauer


Winter is Approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, are you anticipating a family vacation in the months ahead?

There are some brand new pages just added to my Vacation Travel Tips website - like planning for

* Car travel with toddlers,

* traveling with older Parents or Senior adults,
(5 things you must consider)

* getting away from the winter doldrums with a
Hawaiian or Caribbean Beach Vacation

FREE advice - check it out at



Writing for the print media helps many people create and develop their web presence or "Brand".

Pick up any magazine and you'll notice that many of the article by-lines and bio's include a web address or even an email address for the Author.

Writing acceptable copy for publication in magazines, newspapers, and books, however, seems to have more formal rules than when self publishing articles and reports to personal blogs and websites.

Publishing is concerned with the production of literature and information for public view - and each publisher has specific standards for accuracy, quality and style.

Style guides (or style manuals) are prevalent for general and specialized usage, for the general reading and writing audience, and for students and scholars.

Basic writing styles are introduced in my brief report "Article Writing Styles Explained", but that’s just part of the story….

Publishing house style guides outline standards for design and writing for a specific publication or organization. Some focus on graphic design, covering such topics as typography and white space.

There's a lot more involved in getting your work published, however - all beyond the scope of this brief report. If you're new to article publishing, find a good agent to help you set up your publishing deal.

The tasks and time commitments inherent in a Publishing Deal involve Publisher Research, Writing Query Letters, developing Pitch Lists, Preparing and Mailing Submissions, Follow up Work, and whatever else may happen during the usually long and arduous journey from idea to actual publication.

And if it all woks out - you could become famous.

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Great News for Parents of Small Children

...and for Grandparents and Guardians, too. Here's why - you can give each one of your young children their own personalized picture Identity Card... for FREE.

This is rather important stuff for parents and guardians. With 9 grandchildren of my own, the availability of Free Kids ID cards sounds too good not to mention to others.

I put a link on the Family Safety page of my Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection.com website that explains the "FREEIDPROGRAM" and how you can ORDER these 'COOL' KidSafe ID cards for each of your kids. Here's the link -


I have also finished three more reports on Article Writing and Personal Branding. Check back in a few days for them. They'll be free, too.


There are thousands of websites promoting hundreds of "How To" guides on writing articles - for various reasons.

Many of these guides are available for sale and some include resale rights. Some licenses allow free distribution.

One of the article packages I just purchased allows me to use my discretion in marketing the products it contains, so I'm going to share one of them with my website and blog visitors - for Free.

Why Free?

Reason 1, it fits in perfectly with many of my blog postings on creating an effecttive web presence and personal branding

Reason 2, it's an effective companion to many of the articles and reports already available through my web sites and blogs

Reason 3, by registering for it, I'll be able to alert you when other ebooks and reports become available - ones that will help you continue the development of your successful and rewarding web presence

You can register for your Free copy of The "Expert Guide to Article Marketing" HERE


and find out “How to Maximize Your Online Business Profits and Exposure Through Expert Use of Article Marketing!”

Here's the Table Of Contents:

* Article Marketing Explained
* The 4 Things ALL Articles Must Have
* How to Create an Outline For All of Your Article
* 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Going
* What to Do Before Submitting To Article Directories
* Red Hot Tips To Get Your Articles Read
* Writing a Resource Box that Makes People Click
* If You Hate Writing Articles…
* Recommended Resources

Why Wait?
Register now and you'll be reading your personal copy in just a few minutes.



Valuable Information waiting to be Discovered in Blogs

I'm a blogger and if you are reading this, you probably are, too. In a broad sense, bloggers not only create and publish information, they search for, read, and benefit from the mother lode of treasures awaiting discovery in someone else's weblog...

...and sharing these treasures through references to the postings of other bloggers can lead to increased visitor traffic, cyber friendships, and a greater web presence.

For example, I recently 'discovered'
SmartMoneyconnection.com . It contains an abundance of smart and practical ways for handling, saving, and enjoying money.

It's worth sharing with your family and special friends - they don't have to be bloggers, either. Just provide them with this link - http://smartmoneyconnection.com

(Wikipedia and Thesaurus.com don't actually define "blogger" as a person, but they do use the term in the same context as I have used it here.)

Technorati does Tag it -
SmartMoneyconnection.com is truly a Cornucopia of Money Saving Tips and Advice.


Promote your Web Presence with Compelling "Sales" copy

Yes - you are Selling Yourself.

The more compelling you make each section of your sales letter, the greater your response will be. Great Sales copy has the power to make or break a direct-marketing campaign, a product launch - and a "marketer’s career.

In "21 Secrets of Great Sales Copy", Clayton Makepeace digs in to the difference between good sales copy and bad sales copy. It’s an important question, and getting it right can make the difference between mediocre recognition and hitting an out-of-the-park homerun.

Promote yourself successfully just like you were writing a Sales letter with these 21 Secrets to Writing Great Sales Copy.


A quick update on STINGER

If you don't have an Emergency backup Virus Protection program yet, here's an step you could take, Right Now!

McAfee offers a FREE Virus Scanning program called STINGER.

It has grown in size a little over the past few years and no longer fits on a single floppy Disk. But so many of the newer PCs, including lap tops don't have an "A" floppy drive anyway, you should burn it to a CD for an offline back up tool.

You can use it as we do, to check any of your PC computers for viruses, without being on line. Sometimes those clever Trojans disable your Internet connection. Stinger helped us some time ago when one of our computers became infected and we couldn't get online to update the Anti-Virus software.

It is an 'After the Fact' application, which means that it does not scan incoming email files, attachments or downloads, but it does scan whatever you have already received while online.

It currently checks and repairs more than 50 recent Medium and High Risk threats. It's FREE to download from McAfee STINGER

Stinger v3.8.0 - Updated September 10, 2007 is a Free download from McAfee at

Future Updates will be announced here


Can well written articles really improve your web presence?

Maybe YES, and maybe NO. It depends upon how good they are.

They have to captivate your reading audience, provide information to meet their needs, answer their questions, give them hope.

Your articles must put your readers first and give them what they want - not just what you want to tell them.

There are 5 basic steps to writing articles that will keep your readers coming back for more. Listing them here now would fill up too large a web page (maybe even 4 or 5 pages), so I made them available in a more convenient 3 part email course (FREE).

You can register for it Here and add the 5 step 'Writing Captivating Articles' Blueprint to your own set of writing tools...

...and take advantage of the free resources and bonus tools that are included.

Register now and you'll have the first free lesson in your mail within minutes.


Why do you want to create a web presence?

Are you interested in selling a product or service, publishing your thoughts and opinions about current events, supporting a favorite cause, freely sharing your knowledge to help others, or whatever?

The Internet is probably the best place for ordinary people to spread their knowledge and express their opinions... and it can be done with little or no cost.

You can blog for Free, build free websites, post to other people's blogs, join with millions of others in social networking, and with care and a little bit of guidance, you can actually sell your products or other peoples products online.

However, you need a recognizable web presence to get people to visit and revisit your web sites, blogs and sales pages. The greater your web presence, the sooner your name, website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or even expert in your niche or field.

In my recent posts, I suggested a few different approaches to start creating a personal brand and referenced some free reports to help start the process.

These individual reports, and a few more - for a total of 10 - are now available from one source.

All 10 are free, can be copied and printed and used for permanent references by anyone considering article writing or blogging to develop their personal brand. Here's the link to "Creating Your Own Web Presence" -


Even if you aren't ready to start putting yourself on the World Wide map, you might find a few of these Special Reports helpful in your regular travels on the Internet. Take a look.


Creating Your Web Presence - Branding

You need a recognizable web presence to get people to visit and revisit your web sites and sales pages. The greater your web presence, the sooner your name, website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or even expert in your niche or field.

Every online publisher needs visitors to their site and would like to see a steady increase of traffic each month. But the challenge is how to even get traffic started coming to your site.

Blogs automatically get traffic coming as soon as you make your first post. With a good ping list, each time you make a post to your blog dozens of sites are notified and traffic starts coming in. Therefore the first step in getting traffic to your blog is to post regularly. Posting once or twice a day is fantastic.


Writing articles and syndicating them to article directories is a powerful technique to grow your traffic. Try to write at least one article a week (or have a unique article written for you), post it to your site, wait a week... (finish web presence report HERE)


A good reason to update our Computer Security

While working on ways to increase our web presence, a lot of time will be spent connected to the Internet. We can't afford to lose sight of the importance of having our computers secured against any possible malware that might show up

It's important to keep our operating systems and protective software up-to-date with the latest highly rated programs available.

Here are some shortcuts to products that you can download without fear of Rogue software. The good news is that many of these quality products have free versions.

Anti-Virus, go to c|net download at

Download AVG at http://free.grisoft.com/doc/2/

AVG Anti-Virus Free EditionAVG Free is the most popular free solution available at no cost to home users and provides the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spyware Remover - CounterSpy
License: Free to try; $19.95 to buy

Download here

c|net Editor's review of CounterSpy - 5 Stars

"Along with its solid ability to remove spyware, CounterSpy includes a few features we don't normally see in a spyware remover. Scanning times are on par with other spyware removers such as Ad-Aware and Spybot, and seem pretty thorough. CounterSpy's publisher updates its definition file frequently and runs a fully staffed spyware research department."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Firewall software - go to Firewalls and Virus Protection

for links to Download Sunbelt Kerio Free Trial
(which can also be purchased for $10) or ZoneAlarm's free version.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's also important to keep your Operating systems current. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and others have features you can select to alert you to their latest updates.

Why not take a few minutes now and check the status of you security software?


Writing and submitting articles is another effective marketing strategy to create or enhance your web presence.

At first thought, it might seem intimidating. The good news is that after learning a few simple steps, writing your own articles isn't as hard as it appears.

One of the first issues most new writers face is finding ideas to write about. It's also an issue that confronts even experienced authors when they feel the pain of "Writer Burn Out".

By following the techniques discussed in my "12 Tips for Generating New Ideas for Article Writing", you can keep your ideas flowing and even become an article generating power house.

For your first step, you can subscribe to a dozen RSS feeds on various subjects that really interest you. Scan through the feeds every morning or at night and select a few articles for thorough review. After reading the articles, tag them using your own classification system.

Classifying articles in different categories helps locate them quickly. Use Google's RSS reader for reading and tagging the RSS feeds. You will have access to your categorized articles from any computer connected to the Internet.

Read the remaining 11 steps here at "
12 Tips for Generating New Ideas for Article Writing".

..and here are a couple of quick ideas - review and critique a really good article written by someone else. If it's about a topic that is one of your favorites, your review can add value and some new ideas to the original author's presentation.

But remember, you are writing a 'review' and it's against Copyright Law to copy or take credit for the original author's Intellectual Property (original work).


A poorly designed Ebook or Report will usually discourage readers from taking the time to look at your work and they'll click away, never to return.

We covered a lot of territory in our previous posts on creating a rewarding web presence - mostly with "What to Do" ideas.

It's often a challenge to know exactly "How to Do" things like Creating Articles and eBooks in Word and PDF formats.

To make your publications look really professional, you need to consider important items like page size, margins, headers and footers,font style and size, and a bunch more stuff.

There's an Special Report at my RichardPresents.com website that explains the nitty-gritty of using Word and PDF to create the professional appearance you want - that will grab your readers' attention and excite them enough to read all of the way through your work.

Read "Creating EBooks in Word and PDF" Here - it's free.

It answered many questions for me, and I'm certain it'll enhance the quality of your web publications, too.

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Online Monthly Marketing Magazine - It's a Real Magazine!

I've been collecting and reading Internet marketing related information for nearly a decade - nearly all of it delivered by downloading files to my computer from the Internet.

Thousands and thousands of web pages viewed on my monitor, and occasionally on hard copy printed from those files.

My digital archive contains the advice, philosophies, forecasts, knowledge and wisdom from nearly all of the popular and successful past and currently successful Online marketers.

Please note this - I have just experienced a Major Improvement in Online Marketing Information delivery.

I'm alerting you to the availability of the Online Monthly Marketing Magazine.

I believe that it is - without a doubt - the most valuable publication covering Internet Marketing I've read for a long, long time - and It's a Hard Copy, glossy, real magazine that
was delivered directly to my home office US postal mailbox!

Not only is it easy to read, wherever I may be, it's loaded with the broadest spectrum of worthwhile info by today's top notch marketers.

Even more exciting, the publishers are providing a free trial subscription that includes two issues - and believe me, based on the first issue, you won't want to miss them.

Give it a try. You really have nothing to lose and you'll always have the two free issues for ready reference.

Use this link to visit the Online Monthly Marketing Magazine website where you can sign up for the free trial subscription:


Just follow the link, check out the wealth of information available in the magazine, sign up, and they'll send you a free copy - right to your mailbox.


After you've written your book, you have to Promote it.

You'll need to get it in front of the people who share your same interests.

Effective Promotion and Marketing can be approached in a manner similar to learning how to get traffic. Develop your knowledge and skills by reading and studying everything you can. Signup for newsletters and programs and even membership site being managed by the experts, like i-Cop, the International Council of Online Professionals. They know how to do it!

Promoting your book is a challenging task - maybe even more so than writing your book.

Read the Special Report
"Promote Your 'How To' Book - Customer Confidence Building" by Michael E. Mould, author of "Online Bookselling: A Practical Guide. His short report will get you started in the right direction.

Read the report HERE on the RichardPresents.com website.


Use PLR Content to Increase Your Web Presence with Mini Niche sites

If you've been monitoring the Internet Marketing sites and collecting information for any length of time, you probably have more than enough stuff on your hard drive to write a couple of powerful reports, and even create some mini (adsense) niche sites.

There are lots of tools to help you create them. Some of these software tools lead you step by step in creating keyword and Search Engine optimized material.

If you're fairly new at the game, the package programs are a good way to start.

Or, you could monitize your accumulated content by using a website building program like I just did with my "Anyone Ready for Coffee" adsense site, created in Microsoft FrontPage.

The content essentially came from three sources - InfoGoRound's Privale Label membership site(*), a little bit from Wikipidia and my personal comments. It's exciting to feel the surge of ideas when you start writing.

(*)You can get TONS of exclusive, original, private label articles and books for *no money* (via 100% rebate) through IGR's unique "Cash for Content" program. There's probably nothing else like it online! Their system also includes an Instant Niche Site builder that will give you the power to build your own Adsense Empire fast. (You'll need a bunch of these optimized adsense sites to realize any significant income.)

If you want to be known online, creating optimized niche sites with powerful content will bring the big search engines sniffing at your stuff.


The Importance of Writing Good Headlines
and some Tips for Beginners

In our last post, we talked about sharing the things you know and enjoy by writing for other web surfers to read and enjoy.

Hopefully, you’ve created your report or article. Great. What Title did you create for it?

What Headline and sub-headlines did you use?

Your headline is the first thing your potential readers will see and it has a major purpose. It must capture your reader’s attention and stimulate their interest in your article.

You’ll often hear that the ‘Headline is an Ad for an Ad’. It’s the Ad for your article and it must grab you reader’s interest, keep them from surfing away from your webpage, and arouse their curiosity and desire to read more.

As the initial point of contact with your writings, your headline is often the only chance you’ll have to get them to look at your work…

…and you’ll have only a few seconds to do it.

There has been much written on how to create successful and productive headlines.

David Garfinkel, known by many as "the world's greatest copywriting coach” wrote a first class article -"How Headlines Help You Sell More Information on the Web" that you can read HERE.

He offers some cool tips that’ll help you write headlines to grab your reader's attention.

I suggest you write a half dozen versions following David's guidelines. Let them rest for awhile and come back later for a review. You'll see a word here, or a phrase there that you can tweak to make them more powerful. Select the best and use it.

If that one doesn't produce the results you'd like, test one of the others. Tweaking and testing will lead to more rewarding results.

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Serious About Creating a Web Presence?
Have You Considered Writing?

If you're serious about creating a web presence with the possibility of realizing some extra income from your efforts - a good way is to write about something you know how to do.

It's not such a great idea to start writing about Internet Marketing unless you are already an expert or know something that none of the other experts know.

That field is incredibly crowded.

But - if you love to fish and can tie flies that catch the big ones - you could write a couple of related reports on your secret methods.

What's your hobby? Do you share your interests with other hobbyists? What do you talk about?

Cool. Write about it. Break it up into short reports or even write a book.

A lot of people have created a rewarding web presence writing about how they do stuff... and many have done quite well by writing about how they wrote their "How To" book.

If you'd like some suggestions, read the Special Report on my RichardPresents.com website on "How To Write a 'How to...' Book".

There is a big market for good, first hand 'How To" information.

In future posts, we'll review some of the ways to get your stuff out where the public can buy it.

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Forums - Gold Mines of Free Information
and It's Really Easy Digging

Years back when I started to browse the Internet, Bulletin Boards and forums were a source of information I overlooked for the longest time.

When I eventually did start to visit them, it was with a bit of hesitation.

My initial reaction was that the moderators and even the people posting were so much more experienced than I, that it was somewhat intimidating.

Yes, I had questions that I might have asked and comments that could have been offered, but I didn't want to be embarrassed and look dumb to all of the forum visitors.

So what did I do? I Lurked. I was learning... and the biggest thing I learned was that forums existed covering all of the things that really interested me.

Then I got a bit more brave and made a few posts and asked a few questions.

Forums are Gold Mines of information and opportunity. One of the great benefits of visiting forums is that just about any question that comes to mind has already been asked - and answered.

And if the answer to your question doesn't already exist on a forum, people will willingly and unselfishly pitch in and answer it.

If forums are something new to you, give them a try. Read "Skills for Using Forums". It's a short and free report that will really help you get started...

... Download you free "Forum Super Tips" Guide while you're there.


We had a skunk attack in our side yard around 3 AM this morning.
The stink was bad enough to keep me awake for a couple of hours.

However, the time wasn't wasted. My mind was busy thinking about
what helpful information I might post today.

A few years ago, I prepared a little article about getting started with
marketing online. It reviewed a lot of what I experienced as I began
to create my websites, blogs and information reports.

I planned to share that with you today. It's titled

Welcome to 'Getting Started Reports'

A preview of what to expect when Creating
your own Web Presence

Here's what's in that article:

"There's so much to talk about that it's a bit difficult to know exactly
where to start. So, let's make this our beginning, and just talk 'til we
come to the end of our discussion.

Actually, there isn't really a definable end to our subject of 'Getting
Started Creating Your Own Web Presence'.

We're going to talk about some things to expect when starting an
internet business. We're not going to start by re-inventing internet
marketing, e-commerce, or anything like that and we are not
a course in website construction or a course for
internet sales tricks.

There are already many outstanding top quality such programs by
super successful marketers available for sale.

Some of them can be obtained through the RichardPresents.com
website. There are even outstanding top quality programs available
at no charge, particularly... read more here

Over the years, I've written and collected some information items
that are still very appropriate for anyone involved in creating
a web presence.

I plan to post these in the future.

I hope everyone remembers and honors their Fathers and
Grandfathers today. It makes us feel good.


Cyber-Socializing to Create a Web Presence

Get on board the Web 2.0 juggernaught

One of the tricks is to participate socially - as in communities.

Technorati is a good example. Get your blog listed.

Just follow their relatively simple guidelines to create
your own Technorati Profile

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It's been awhile since I posted here.

I've devoted most of my efforts to providing security information updates to the Firewalls and Virus Protection website and my Security Alert Blog.

The importance of being safe online is something that most web surfers are aware of, but not something that seems to be the thing they think about most.

Nearly everyone has their own special interest, hobby, or pastime that occupies their thoughts and time for a major portion of their waking day.

Many people follow their interests and use their computer time to search for more information on the things that excite them. Some seek income opportunities to promote their niche marketing ideas and run their own businesses on the Internet.

For some, it might be sports, for others it could be reading, gardening, traveling, cooking, family activities, or spending time with their computers just surfing the Internet.

I fit into the latter group, as well, and have collected a variety of tips, tools, articles and ebooks for my other interests. Some of those might match your special fun interests, too. So I've included many of these "Tips and Tools for doing the things you really like" on my RichardPresents.com website.

Are you aware of the abundance of information and advice available on public forums? O
ne of the great benefits of visiting forums on the Internet is that just about any question that might come to your mind has probably already been asked - and answered! Most forums have a Search feature that can lead you to answers to your questions.

But you can also ask for advice, as well...and you'll get the maximum benefit from your forum visits after reading my report page on
"Skills for Using Forums". It's free, of course.

There will be more updates
to make your business and family fun activities and journeys on the World Wide Web much more exciting, secure, and rewarding.

Thanks for being here today.
I'm looking forward to your next visit (and your comments are more than welcome).