A poorly designed Ebook or Report will usually discourage readers from taking the time to look at your work and they'll click away, never to return.

We covered a lot of territory in our previous posts on creating a rewarding web presence - mostly with "What to Do" ideas.

It's often a challenge to know exactly "How to Do" things like Creating Articles and eBooks in Word and PDF formats.

To make your publications look really professional, you need to consider important items like page size, margins, headers and footers,font style and size, and a bunch more stuff.

There's an Special Report at my RichardPresents.com website that explains the nitty-gritty of using Word and PDF to create the professional appearance you want - that will grab your readers' attention and excite them enough to read all of the way through your work.

Read "Creating EBooks in Word and PDF" Here - it's free.

It answered many questions for me, and I'm certain it'll enhance the quality of your web publications, too.

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Online Monthly Marketing Magazine - It's a Real Magazine!

I've been collecting and reading Internet marketing related information for nearly a decade - nearly all of it delivered by downloading files to my computer from the Internet.

Thousands and thousands of web pages viewed on my monitor, and occasionally on hard copy printed from those files.

My digital archive contains the advice, philosophies, forecasts, knowledge and wisdom from nearly all of the popular and successful past and currently successful Online marketers.

Please note this - I have just experienced a Major Improvement in Online Marketing Information delivery.

I'm alerting you to the availability of the Online Monthly Marketing Magazine.

I believe that it is - without a doubt - the most valuable publication covering Internet Marketing I've read for a long, long time - and It's a Hard Copy, glossy, real magazine that
was delivered directly to my home office US postal mailbox!

Not only is it easy to read, wherever I may be, it's loaded with the broadest spectrum of worthwhile info by today's top notch marketers.

Even more exciting, the publishers are providing a free trial subscription that includes two issues - and believe me, based on the first issue, you won't want to miss them.

Give it a try. You really have nothing to lose and you'll always have the two free issues for ready reference.

Use this link to visit the Online Monthly Marketing Magazine website where you can sign up for the free trial subscription:


Just follow the link, check out the wealth of information available in the magazine, sign up, and they'll send you a free copy - right to your mailbox.


After you've written your book, you have to Promote it.

You'll need to get it in front of the people who share your same interests.

Effective Promotion and Marketing can be approached in a manner similar to learning how to get traffic. Develop your knowledge and skills by reading and studying everything you can. Signup for newsletters and programs and even membership site being managed by the experts, like i-Cop, the International Council of Online Professionals. They know how to do it!

Promoting your book is a challenging task - maybe even more so than writing your book.

Read the Special Report
"Promote Your 'How To' Book - Customer Confidence Building" by Michael E. Mould, author of "Online Bookselling: A Practical Guide. His short report will get you started in the right direction.

Read the report HERE on the RichardPresents.com website.


Use PLR Content to Increase Your Web Presence with Mini Niche sites

If you've been monitoring the Internet Marketing sites and collecting information for any length of time, you probably have more than enough stuff on your hard drive to write a couple of powerful reports, and even create some mini (adsense) niche sites.

There are lots of tools to help you create them. Some of these software tools lead you step by step in creating keyword and Search Engine optimized material.

If you're fairly new at the game, the package programs are a good way to start.

Or, you could monitize your accumulated content by using a website building program like I just did with my "Anyone Ready for Coffee" adsense site, created in Microsoft FrontPage.

The content essentially came from three sources - InfoGoRound's Privale Label membership site(*), a little bit from Wikipidia and my personal comments. It's exciting to feel the surge of ideas when you start writing.

(*)You can get TONS of exclusive, original, private label articles and books for *no money* (via 100% rebate) through IGR's unique "Cash for Content" program. There's probably nothing else like it online! Their system also includes an Instant Niche Site builder that will give you the power to build your own Adsense Empire fast. (You'll need a bunch of these optimized adsense sites to realize any significant income.)

If you want to be known online, creating optimized niche sites with powerful content will bring the big search engines sniffing at your stuff.


The Importance of Writing Good Headlines
and some Tips for Beginners

In our last post, we talked about sharing the things you know and enjoy by writing for other web surfers to read and enjoy.

Hopefully, you’ve created your report or article. Great. What Title did you create for it?

What Headline and sub-headlines did you use?

Your headline is the first thing your potential readers will see and it has a major purpose. It must capture your reader’s attention and stimulate their interest in your article.

You’ll often hear that the ‘Headline is an Ad for an Ad’. It’s the Ad for your article and it must grab you reader’s interest, keep them from surfing away from your webpage, and arouse their curiosity and desire to read more.

As the initial point of contact with your writings, your headline is often the only chance you’ll have to get them to look at your work…

…and you’ll have only a few seconds to do it.

There has been much written on how to create successful and productive headlines.

David Garfinkel, known by many as "the world's greatest copywriting coach” wrote a first class article -"How Headlines Help You Sell More Information on the Web" that you can read HERE.

He offers some cool tips that’ll help you write headlines to grab your reader's attention.

I suggest you write a half dozen versions following David's guidelines. Let them rest for awhile and come back later for a review. You'll see a word here, or a phrase there that you can tweak to make them more powerful. Select the best and use it.

If that one doesn't produce the results you'd like, test one of the others. Tweaking and testing will lead to more rewarding results.

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Serious About Creating a Web Presence?
Have You Considered Writing?

If you're serious about creating a web presence with the possibility of realizing some extra income from your efforts - a good way is to write about something you know how to do.

It's not such a great idea to start writing about Internet Marketing unless you are already an expert or know something that none of the other experts know.

That field is incredibly crowded.

But - if you love to fish and can tie flies that catch the big ones - you could write a couple of related reports on your secret methods.

What's your hobby? Do you share your interests with other hobbyists? What do you talk about?

Cool. Write about it. Break it up into short reports or even write a book.

A lot of people have created a rewarding web presence writing about how they do stuff... and many have done quite well by writing about how they wrote their "How To" book.

If you'd like some suggestions, read the Special Report on my RichardPresents.com website on "How To Write a 'How to...' Book".

There is a big market for good, first hand 'How To" information.

In future posts, we'll review some of the ways to get your stuff out where the public can buy it.

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