A poorly designed Ebook or Report will usually discourage readers from taking the time to look at your work and they'll click away, never to return.

We covered a lot of territory in our previous posts on creating a rewarding web presence - mostly with "What to Do" ideas.

It's often a challenge to know exactly "How to Do" things like Creating Articles and eBooks in Word and PDF formats.

To make your publications look really professional, you need to consider important items like page size, margins, headers and footers,font style and size, and a bunch more stuff.

There's an Special Report at my RichardPresents.com website that explains the nitty-gritty of using Word and PDF to create the professional appearance you want - that will grab your readers' attention and excite them enough to read all of the way through your work.

Read "Creating EBooks in Word and PDF" Here - it's free.

It answered many questions for me, and I'm certain it'll enhance the quality of your web publications, too.

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