The Need for Self-Confidence

The Need for Self-Confidence

In order to succeed in life, we first have to believe in ourselves.

We all have hidden fears that we don't always want to share with others. These fears often leave us paralyzed. When the need to overcome these fears is required, sometimes we take the easy way out by hiding and running for cover.

Without self confidence, we won't have the tools to face life's challenges. The dilemma we sometimes face is not knowing how to gain self confidence. Do we really have to experience success first before we believe in ourselves? Maybe, but then again, many set themselves up to be discouraged before they've even tried anything.

In order to succeed in life, we first have to believe in ourselves. All this talk about finding ways to achieve success is pointless when we just don't trust our own talents and abilities

To make your goals more attainable, you can make them more manageable by breaking down your larger goal into smaller ones. The chances for success here then increase. Then, make sure that you celebrate each small feat that you overcome.

Self image is another important factor. If you constantly criticize yourself, you will never feel adequate. Negativity begets negativity. This low self image is sometimes the by-product of your life experiences as you face the devastating blows of your wrong choices. You need to realize that these mistakes will never hold you down as long as you don't allow them to. Look at now, not yesterday!

What have you learned from your wrong choices? Use these experiences to serve as a guide as you continue on life's path.

There are also people who have an effect on the way you look at yourself. It's your choice about spending time with individuals that tear you down. Learn to put your foot down and seek out those who can be more helpful to your overall growth. The ones that deserve your time are the ones who recognize your inner strength.

See yourself as inherently worthy. Be aware of how unique you are and realize that you are more than capable of contributing to the good of the world. Pay attention only to those who want what's best for you. Turn a deaf ear to those who just want to see you go down. Look at yourself in a more positive light and start to see what you are actually blessed with.

Your self image is intimately intertwined with your destiny. Guard you thoughts against feelings of inadequacy. The power of a positive vision should never be underestimated. This is what helped the most successful people on their way to the top.

Rule of thumb states that the clearer the goal is, the higher your self confidence gets.Only with trusting yourself and knowing what you are capable of will you ever be able to attain success.

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Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

Too many people surround themselves with only what they know for the sake of their own comfort.

They try to keep surprises to a minimum and excuse their attitude by saying that they're creatures of habit. They call themselves smart and rational because they hold themselves back, thinking that everything outside their comfortable circle poses danger. While they want to do more, the fact that they already know what to expect is more desirable.

Comfort zones provide us with that warm fuzzy feeling because we know that we will always have a place filled with things that are familiar to us. When the unexpected happens, we sometimes don't know how to react, especially if it is something we do not want. Our comfort zones provide solace and peace when life just gets too stressful. Sometimes, things get too tough to handle, and we retreat to this cozy place for a breather.

Unfortunately, when we want to achieve greatness in this lifetime, we have to realize that we need to get out and step into the unknown. Prominence and success exist outside the comfort zone. Those who achieve do so because they put themselves on the line and are willing to take risks. They do things that most won't necessarily dare to do.

Developing the habit of making ourselves adapt to whatever environment we're placed in is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure our continuous development. We should not limit our comfort zones to only one place. In fact, we should be able to fit in and adapt wherever we are. We should be comfortable with change and resilient to discovery of new things.

Sadly, most people believe in the concept of sticking with what is tried and tested. As a result, they lead boring lives, lives devoid of sheer fun and adventure. If we want more out of life, we need to bring out our adventurous side. Comfort zones don't mean anything for risk takers because they know that reaching their goal trumps fear.

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Earn the Respect You deserve

At the heart of the most successful relationships is respect. Whether the relationship is professional or personal, there's a certain kind of admiration held for that person. If you want people to respect you, you also have to show that you deserve it.

Some people mistake respect for fear. The difference between these two is the fact that people actually like the people they respect. They respect the people they fear simply because they are afraid of the repercussions if they go against the desires of that person. Fear doesn't create friendships, respect does.

Have you ever taken a moment to define what it is like to truly respect someone? Be completely sincere with the person you respect and don't do anything to hurt thrm. In return, you will become good friends, because the relationship is based on mutual trust and respect.

If you find yourself with a person who doesn't treat you with any value, a relationship is doomed for failure. Get up and leave. If you stick around with this person, it can end up hurting either one of you. It is simply a futile effort to try to salvage things you know deep down aren't going to change.

Other people's beliefs may differ from yours, but what is most important is that you acknowledge your differences and move on. You were all raised in different environments and have different ways in coping with issues.

Recognize that each person is unique and that what is most important is the intention behind their actions. They act on things because of what their beliefs are, and it doesn't always have to be about you, so don't take it personally if they go against your wishes.

This is where communication plays a pivotal role. By talking things through, you can come to an agreement which will help you understand others better. If reaching a mutual understanding is impossible to do, then get out.

Keep in mind that it's always your choice. No one can force anything on you if you don't allow them to. The key ingredient to this healthy assertiveness is self love.

Know your worth and treat people the way you'd want them to treat you. The golden rule comes into play here, and it is the most basic and most important of beliefs. Simply stated, to get respect, you have to give respect!

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Being the Best of Who You Can Be

Being the Best of Who You Can Be

The word 'best' is relative. Some may think they become better people when they've climbed the ladder of success and reached the top. Some, on the other hand, believe that a happy family life will make them the best that they can be. The word is actually dependent on your goals in life.

Admittedly, we all have different goals, and some may be harder to attain than others. Becoming better, whether physically, spiritually, or mentally, will depend on how we are as a person.

We must accept who we are and what our limitations are. We all have different talents and we need to know what our niche in life is so we can work on it. Our life's experiences have shaped who we've become, and because we have different experiences, we all have unique talents and abilities.

Someone who grew up in poverty may say that they have become more street-smart, a successful person may boast of his business abilities, and a mother may say that she is quite adept at balancing her time at work and with her family.

Whatever it is, we've learned to cope with life because we simply had to. And in our efforts to meet all the demands placed on us, we had to learn the ways in which we can meet the expectations that others have of us.

The problem is that many people don't want to accept who they are and what they've become. They sometimes let their past affect them, as if they were ashamed of the very thing that helped them become the person they are today. Living in shame is not a way to becoming our ultimate selves. If
we do, we will spend our lives trying to hide our true nature. That's simply no way to live!

We must accept that there are just some things we cannot change. These things should teach us to be proud of who we are. After all, when we go through great misery, we come out of it filled with wisdom. We need to share our story, so that we can say we had it in us to succeed despite the things
that happened to us.

We should be proudest of overcoming the things that we were once ashamed of.

Confidence and Self Trust