Be Prepared with The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

Are you familiar with this free resource? I recently downloaded my copy and have encouraged my friends to get their 'kits'.

You are welcome to download a copy for your family using this link:


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizen Corps, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and USA Freedom Corps encourages everyone to obain 'The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit' to help minimize the impact of a natural disaster or national emergency.

It's a simple tool designed to assist you and your family in maintaining financial stability in the event of an emergency. The 'kit' helps identify and organize key financial records and provides a quick reference file for your most important financial documents.

Get these 'FIVE TIPS TO PREPARE FOR AN EMERGENCY' with simple worksheets to help you summarize Your Personal Information, Important Legal Documets to have on hand, and EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NUMBERS:

Click here to download your free kit.

It's a direct download of a pdf file. You don't need to sign up or leave your name. After downloading, you can easily print a copy - there are only 16 pages.

I put my 'kit' is a inexpensive Report folder, the kind available in most office supply stores for under a dollar.

Be prepared -


Summer in just a few weeks and kids will be home from school. Everyone will anxiously be looking forward to a Summer of FUN!

Now's a good time to complete your plans for a safe Fun Filled Family Vacation.

Family Fun - there's just no way that every possible fun activity could be covered in one website. Even so, there are many activities that can be shared to bring pleasure, appreciation and togetherness for your family.

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Make extra effort to have a SAFE fun filled family vacation. Be sure to check the three safety and security items near the bottom of the webpage.

Like everything else there, they are FREE.

Have a Safe and Fun Filled Summer.