Taking "Roughing It" Out Of Family Camping

Years ago when our family was young, going camping in the great outdoors on a family camping trip often meant several days of roughing it with few of the amenities of modern living - like sleeping on the ground in blankets and cooking over an open camp fire after carrying everything in a backpack before finding a suitable wilderness location.

The facilities of home that were automatically given up when camping in those days, such as music, televisions and other "essential" gadgets of modern living, are often now a part of wilderness family camping life, thanks to RV Camping.

Today, far from living off the land, a family camping trip can mean driving right to your campsite and living in conditions like a home away from home. Some families prefer traveling in a recreational vehicle or motor home, fully equipped with all the comforts of home. Those that still prefer family camping in a tent can more comfortably enjoy their weatherproof lightweight cocoon, with built-in floor, zip up doors and windows, even separate compartments...

There are ever so many wonderful ways a family can have Safe fun camping together. I put a bunch of ideas, and links to exceptionally helpful resources in a short report on "Taking Roughing It out of Family Camping" - great for the RV and Truck Campers. Read More HERE

... and for the tenting campers and back packers, check out Family Camping Tips for even more ideas and free stuff.

Have a great Summer


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