A Heart that Heals

The hurt that takes place in our minds and in our hearts is not so easy to see.

Physical injuries are easily noticed by people. A cut, a broken bone, or a bruise can easily be treated by doctors. Emotional injuries, on the other hand, tend to run deeper. They hide in our subconscious and can sometimes stay there for a very long time, can easily be hidden, but are much harder to treat.

At some point in our lives, most of us have, in some considerable way, been hurt and wounded.  The physical wounds can be seen and the forms of remedy are fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. 

The hurts that takes place in our minds and in our hearts are not so easy to see. We choose to hide them in the darkest recesses of our minds. This is what many call denial.

Although many of us know that it’s best to deal with the issues, we often find ourselves feeling powerless, unable to free ourselves from the chains that burden us with the weight. The more we try to run away from it, the faster it seems to catch up to us.

To be able to heal ourselves from the pain, we have to address it rather than run away.  We often lack the ability to understand the true significance of coping with it. Fact is,  when we face these issues, we are able to understand the reasons behind it. Our experiences sometimes tell us to have expectations that are not necessarily accurate.

We live in this small box and refuse to see anything beyond what is real to us.

At the heart of healing is an experience. It is being able to live in the moment of suffering rather than locking ourselves away and shutting out the rest of the world. We try to find ways to cope, maybe through alcohol or by whisking ourselves to a place far away.

We have to allow ourselves to feel what is deep inside us to become aware of reality. Whatever may have caused this deep pain, whether it is the loss of a loved one or a fight with a friend, things happen simply because they were meant to.

What we most need during these trying times is the presence of people who truly and unconditionally love us. Love can come in many forms: in the comforting embrace of a family member, in the prayers of a friend, or in the good wishes of the people we meet.

When the pain is just too unbearable to bear, it is not always possible to respond to it immediately. That's why it is most important to cultivate healthy relationships with the people that surround us.

What happens if you’ve surrounded yourself with a great support system is the ability to get over the pain more quickly. We have to give love to get love. This will be your greatest blessing because we know that we will always have someone to lean on when the burden just gets too heavy.


Menu for an Upbeat Life - Ways to Enjoy It

Let’s face reality. Life has its share of troubles, disasters, and misfortunes. Bad news exists and it disturbs the mind. Totally ignoring it may not always be the answer to approach life in a realistic manner. However, you can always find ways to avoid being affected by it.

Like menus in restaurants where different kinds of foods are served - from appetizers, to main dishes, to desserts - life also has its menu for an upbeat life. Different people have their own individual menus that make them cheerful and optimistic. Find out what they are; they may help to keep your life meaningful, enjoyable, inspiring, and interesting. Consider the following:

Help the needy, the poor, the handicapped, the ailing, the broken-hearted, the homeless, the lost, and the environment. The list can go on. When you help the needy - in services, monetary value, or other forms (lending a shoulder to cry on or an understanding ear to listen to other people’s problems) - the returns are ten fold over.  Don’t expect anything in return. Just the contentment you experience in your heart is a incomparably satisfying feeling. Giving something wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return is divine. Imagine yourself as the person on the receiving end. You can’t wait to return the favor once you get the opportunity to do so.

Another way to enjoy life is to listen to music. Play your good old favorite songs and sing along. Sing your best. Sing carelessly or out of tune - whatever it takes to make your heart contented and whatever makes you laugh. Just hum the tune if you don’t remember the words. Sing until you laugh heartily. The idea is to cheer up.

The sound of nature is also music. The sound of river flowing, the gust of wind on a tree branch, waves on the seashore, and birds chirping are as natural as nature can be, and the way music should be. The sound of nature can make you optimistic because it is a beautiful and serene sound.

A party without humor and laughter is a dull one. The same is true in real life. Fill your life with lots of humor and laughter to keep it upbeat. The more spontaneous a humorous situation is, the more natural it is, and the better it can liven up your spirits.

Look at the lessons that can be derived from misfortunes. Mistakes allow you to learn and see opportunities hidden behind adversities. Always find meaning from every event in your life. 

Value every lesson that you learn. 

You Can Improve the Quality of Your Life



Stress Management Strategy and the Power of Rational Positive Thinking

Stress Management Strategy: Rational Positive Thinking

Not every situation is stressful in its own right. It's the way we perceive each situation and the way we judge it according to our current condition and past experiences that make it a cause of worry and stress.

It's our own interpretation of a situation that decides if it is stressful or not. Hence, to free ourselves from stress, all we need to do should be to change our way of thinking. But it is not as simple as it sounds.

If we allow ourselves to be controlled by our situation, getting out from the under the stress is really hard. Moreover, due to the fact that stress is not triggered by one situation but rather an accumulation of events over a period of time, turning our backs on stress by just thinking of the positive is not always effective for everyone.

Therefore, in order for us to achieve a healthy level of stress through rational positive thinking, here are five useful techniques:

1. Accept that there are things beyond your control. Things such as the death of a relative, natural calamity, economic recession and the behavior of other people are beyond our control. Instead of stressing yourself over these, accept them as they are and focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to the problems.

2. Do not tackle your problems alone. Talk to a friend, a relative or a therapist and express your feelings even if you know you cannot do anything about it. In most, cases, all you need is another person to see that there is a solution to your problems.

3. Forgive. People make mistakes. That includes you and everyone around you. After all, this is an imperfect world. Learn to let go of your anger and resentment. This is a good way to free your thoughts, remove the negative energy from your body, move on, and help you have a positive attitude.

4. "Look at the bright side." You hear this phrase so often that it has come to a point where it loses its meaning.

5. The truth, however, is that looking at a challenging situation as an opportunity for personal growth is a good way to free your mind from stress and learn from experience so that you will not undergo the same situation again.



Filling Your Life with Miracles by Being Motivated

There can be a number of ways to get success or to achieve goals, but achieving them is entirely up to us.

Motivation can change a man's mind, and by looking at it in a positive light can bring a kind of hope that changes circumstances for the better. We can change our lives in so many ways, and all we must do is believe in ourselves to make things better.

When we thirst for success and happiness, we will be able to see how miracles can happen. What usually stops us is our being too calculated. We depend on science and logic so much that we discount the many things that just seem to happen for no apparent reason. We look for justifications and our logical side just stops us from expecting something out of the ordinary.

Some of us live our lives filled with incredible anger, hurt, and negativity. Our experiences leave us jaded and cynical, oftentimes dragging others down with us along the way. Though we don’t want to be this dark and despondent person, we just can’t help it at times. The pain we’ve endured is just too unbearable to let go. Then we notice, nothing good ever happens to us. Our life worsens every single day and we’re caught in this lethal downward spiral that we can’t get out of.

The truth of the matter is that we can get out of this rut that we’re stuck in. The problem is, we sometimes get too caught up in our own misery that we don’t notice the little miracles happening around us. This dark, dank, and dreary place has blinded us from seeing the good that is happening right in front of us. Get out of this dungeon and open the door that leads outside where the sun lights the way to a positive perspective.

Logic has successfully explained numerous phenomena, but there are still aspects that go beyond reason. We have to accept the fact that things often happen for reasons that we simply can’t explain.

Once we get to this place where we can just leave all of the circumstances in our life and our affairs in the hands of our personal faith and of what opportunities can offer, we can rest assured that everything is going to be okay. We know deep within our hearts and souls that this has proven to be true in the past.

We must have the motivation to make our lives different. We must inspire ourselves to do something other than what repeatedly hasn’t worked in the past. It is an act of thinking that everything works out to make us a better person.

Motivation sets forth a series of miracles if we get it in our heart’s core. We must apply all these factors in our lives to rid ourselves of poverty, tensions and scarcity.

Here are a few motivational tips that you can consider when you feel that you cannot push yourself further or farther.


Being Grateful About LIfe's Little Blessings

The secret to happiness is acting on what needs to be done so you can lengthen your list of things to be thankful for.

Studies reveal that being grateful benefits your health, with effects lasting for months at a time. Spiritual gurus, psychologists, and inspirational speakers are all in agreement with the belief that gratitude is the main ingredient for a lifetime’s worth of success and happiness.

The question now is, do you know how to adopt an attitude of gratitude? It's much easier to focus on what you don’t have, on what you can never achieve, and how many limitations are inhibiting you. In fact, it’s much easier to complain about life’s downfalls than seeing the silver lining behind every dark cloud.

If you believe in fate, you have an idea of the number of opportunities you have if you just take a moment to look for and recognize them. To learn more about gratitude, you should simply look at the following things you can be thankful for:

1.    Clothes to wear
2.    Food to eat
3.    A house to go home to
4.    Loving friends and family to lean on
5.    Life

Of all these, life is your biggest gift. As long as you are still able to wake up each day to stand up and start your work, you have the power to change all the negative aspects within your life sphere. A good exercise would be to name all the things you still have before you go to bed at night.

Of course, you should never beat yourself up on taking things for granted. Growing up, you might have heard your parents tell you to think of the homeless children that are out there in the streets, wishing that they were in your place. Thinking about them didn’t change anything. In fact, your thoughts never did any good for those suffering. Ironically, many people grew up with the notion that they must have everything just because they are able to.

Appreciation, though hard as it may seem, brings more pleasure than it does pain. Start with the small stuff and work your way from there. It does take practice, but like all efforts, the result will outweigh everything else.

The first step to make a better you, a better life, and a happier disposition is to start right now. This is no time to procrastinate. Life is just too short, and good things will pass you by if you let yourself get pulled down by its weight. Let happy emotions flood your body and mind with optimism.

By knowing what you have and what you can achieve, you can give yourself a pat on the back because you have learned one of life’s most valuable lessons, and that is gratitude.

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