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Securing the Home Front for our children

Law enforcement and governmental agencies have active programs to protect our children from Internet predators.

As parents and guardians of teenagers, we can support their efforts by working with our kids to strengthen our "home front" defenses.

We can update our awareness of the threats to our mobile and connected children by reviewing articles and reports available in many newspapers and web sites published by security minded people who don't want to see our kids, and their families get into trouble.

To make your search for this information a bit easier, I have collected some of my most recent family and children's safety articles in one place for you.

Starting with a half dozen relating to the threats and security risks faced by our teenagers, and concluding with a few specific to computer safety, you'll be able to refresh yourself on what's happening in the battle against cyber crime aimed at our kids.

Read these free articles at Secure the Home Front

And if your children are either too young to surf the Internet yet, or have progressed into early adulthood, you probably have friends with teenagers - please share these articles with them.

Let's protect our kids on the "Home Front".


Another Look at Security Threats to Teenage Cell Phone Users

Cell phones are extremely popular with the younger generation. We all know that there aren't many teenagers around who do not have their own phone to keep in touch with their friends and family. It's their modern way of life.

New advanced features have increased the potential risks to a cell phone user's privacy and security. The main problem for teenagers with internet on their cell phones is that they are not being monitored when away from home and a careless moment could jeopardize theirs, and their family's privacy and safety.

Protecting against these threats can be a rewarding family project if all members - parents, siblings, and grandparents - pitch in.

Read the short but vital article here
Personal Security Threats Especially to Young Cell Phone Users Richard Rossbauer, EzineArticles.com Basic Author


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