The Need to Follow Your Dreams

The Need to Follow Your Dreams

Society today, dictates that we need a respectable job to make a decent name for ourselves. We are told to study hard, work hard, and basically prioritize our career over everything else so that we can experience some semblance of happiness. We hear this message throughout our lives and it has made a dramatic impact on us all.

Many of us believe we are left with no choice but to accept this concept and keep on running.

We keep our true dreams locked inside for fear that some people may not believe us or they may laugh at us. What price do we pay for conformity? We lose a great part of ourselves simply because we want to fit this ideal mold that everyone thinks is proper.

The good news is, we don't have to take the road that everyone follows. Now is the time to pursue our dreams, to answer our calling. This inner yearning comes from deep within the core of who we are as a person. Living this dream would bring us a genuine sense of well-being. When we do what we truly enjoy, we live more in the present. We may not make enough money with
this type of career, but we enjoy it and live without any regret.

The secret to happiness is to become courageous and follow what we truly want. If we have the talent and the ability to sustain that dream, why not go for it? The world of today glamorizes certain lifestyles and careers. Reality says otherwise. The key to enjoying life is to stand strong and not let what others think influence our final decision. This is where our inner strength must take control because we shouldn't let the views of others affect our search for fulfillment.

We also must bear in mind that following our dream doesn't mean that we will always enjoy every moment of it. There will be times that we will be required to do things that we do not love.

Following our dream does not always mean that we will experience an overall sense of satisfaction, but this is far better than ignoring our inner cravings and putting them off until it never actually happens. Our fantasies may sometimes be outside our comfort zone but we have to learn to cement our decision just to make ourselves truly happy with how our life has turned out.

By following what we truly desire, not only do we please ourselves, but we are also uplifting the spirit of the entire humanity!

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Moving Forward - Moving Up

Moving Forward - Moving Up

Suppose you were told that you had only a short time to live - what would you do? You would possibly concentrate on making yourself a better person, ask for forgiveness, want to travel, visit with friends and family - in such a situation, we would say all of the things we want to do.

Suppose, on the other hand, we find ourselves waking up one day not knowing where we're exactly headed in life. Our relationships with others require love and respect. Why can't we give the same to ourselves? We need to know what we are worth and what we deserve so that we are more driven to do what we've always wanted.

To move up in life, to keep a steady growth, we need to follow a few simple rules:

* We have to set goals that are important to us. By setting a goal, we have something to look forward to, a driving force that will fuel or energize us.

* We need to trust in our own abilities. We shouldn�t compare what we have to what others have. Everyone is different; each of us unique unto ourselves. Ignore those people who constantly criticize us. A positive mind is the ticket to a successful journey.

* Learn the power of meditation. By learning to channel our focus to something, we will be able to see things in a clearer light. A cool head does better in solving problems than a hot one.

* Dispel negative thoughts. These thoughts can be our life's biggest roadblock. Negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. It's a vicious cycle. We all have the ability to get of this rut, raise ourselves up, and begin our journey.

* Love ourselves. No one loves a person who doesn't love himself. We need to learn how to be thankful for what we have and who we are. Knowing what we can do and believing in our abilities will give us the strength to drive forward.

Knowing what is good in each of us is not being egotistical. We don't have to brag. The glow in our faces will be proof enough of how happy we are with the cards that life has dealt us with. For us to succeed and move up, we have to live our life free of regrets. Being proud of who we are will prove to be good for our psyche. As long as we live in harmony with ourselves, we are bound to fulfill our destiny.

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Life is a game in which we all take a gamble every so often, but what sets us apart from the winners is our attitude when we get into the game.

Wouldn't it be great if we were all mentally tough and could take whatever life throws our way? Fear of the unknown is what usually holds us back from doing anything remotely interesting and different. Usually though, this only takes the backseat to an even bigger fear, and that is fear of failure!

We simply become too afraid and settle for mediocrity simply because we do not want to be humiliated. We accept defeat and convince ourselves that we aren't capable of succeeding. We should keep in mind that while negative thoughts create gloom, the energy radiated by having a positive attitude is reflected in our actions.

The same goes for our professional lives. Some of us go to work, do our job, and basically do everything as a routine of habit. We are far from being satisfied with our careers but we carry on nonetheless. Why? Because that's what we do and are familiar with.

We have other dreams but keep them on the back burner because we don't know if we have the right abilities and talents. If we do decide to pursue our dreams and do what we are most passionate about, we fear that we aren't good enough and that we might humiliate ourselves in the end. Our life can become a sham with this attitude, and we definitely have to pursue our innermost desires to have a chance at happiness.

If you have a fear of failure, this is not unique to only you. Many other people dread the thought of losing. However, it is important to note that this fear can do more than keep us from being successful. It holds us back from living the kind of life we deserve. Often times, this form of terror develops over a period of time, often triggered by memories of sadness.

Because we did fail in the past, we know how it felt when people laughed at us.

The truth is, we are good enough. We may not be talented in some areas, but surely there is something at which we can excell. We need to improve our self esteem and realize that life is all about experimenting. If we fail, then maybe we should look at the process and see what went wrong. Every good scientist knows that they have to come up with a good hypothesis before they test it.

We all have to be that scientist who willingly tries out every theory. The road to success is riddled with bumps and holes. It is only in trying that will we realize which ones should be avoided. If there's one thing that's certain, it's the fact that people who keep trying despite their hundreds of failures will triumph a lot sooner than those who don't make any effort at all.

So, how exactly can we all overcome fear? Just take little steps but be brave enough to give everything a shot. Those who quit will be those who will live their lives with great regret.

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Creating Love and Fostering Friendship

Creating Love and Fostering Friendship

Love and friendship don't come easy.

Many people believe that love and friendship are two mutually exclusive ideas. They know that ideally, your partner, the person you most care for, also needs to be your greatest confidant. They know it, but they don't put their knowledge into good use. Moreover, they limit these two concepts to their partner, their significant other, to their other half. But the truth is, love and friendship apply to most, if not all of the relationships that they have in their life.

Love and friendship don't always comes naturally. It takes a lot of work to create relationships that stand the test of time. The relationships have to be created and worked on by both people involved. As you reflect on the various stages in life, you'll realize that you sometimes have to let go of some of your friends. There's a sort of 'falling out' with some of the people that you once considered an important and integral part of your growth.

To foster the kind of relationship that engenders both love and friendship, and lasts a lifetime, there are several things you can do.

The first is to be a good friend. For you to attract the right people, you have to be a good and loving individual. You get what you give, and if you truly show kindness, you'll earn their loyalty as well.

No one wants a selfish friend. A healthy relationship involves give and take. You need not be a perfect person. We all have some room for improvement and could use a little bit of help in becoming better.

Secondly, you must allow time to play its role in enhancing whatever relationship you have in your life now. Just like a successful business venture, you need to invest a part of yourself into it. It is a matter of finding the ideal time to establish a connection. Huge chunks of your time go into your work, and you often forget hat the most important thing in life is the people that surround you. Many die lonely after marrying their careers. They forget that all their efforts are in vain when there is no one to share their triumphs.

Third, you need to be honest about your feelings. You need to choose your friends, and make it a wise decision. You simply cannot live with people that pull you down. When you feel yourself getting dragged lower, cut the chains and save yourself from further hurt.

So, can love survive without friendship? Definitely not. Love stems out of friendship and no relationship can survive without mutual respect.

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How to Play It Smart During Tough Times

How to Play It Smart During Tough Times

It's easy to feel like you're hanging by your fingernails during turbulent and tough times. As the economy goes from bad to worse, your ideal future looks bleaker by the day. That's why you need to find ways to budget your earnings and save more despite rising prices. In fact, you need to know now more than ever where your money goes.

What you need is a plan to protect your money, health, and well-being.

It's good to be worried about where the economy's headed. People who don't have this concern may one day find themselves knee-deep in debts and problems.

Know what your expenses are. If you need to write them down, then do so. A list gives you a view of the entire picture. It'll also give you an idea where your money goes. By tracking your daily costs in a diary, you will be able to see where you can cut back. You don't have to buy something every time you feel stress. In fact, showing some willpower will "Give you a sense of control".

In times of stress, you must never take your health for granted. Make sure that you have a way to release tension. Many experts consider Exercise to be the most helpful solution. When you work out, your body releases hormones that help you become more relaxed. Spend some time in the gym, or go for a walk. Many people swear to the effectiveness of a workout. Just make sure that you have an outlet for your anxiety. Keeping your issues bottled up can be very harmful to the various aspects of your life.

Lastly, enjoy the company of friends. It helps to know that you have a great support system by your side during your most difficult days. Even casually discussing your dreams to your friends and loved ones can be motivation enough for you to go into a quest to achieve them. The world can either be your ally or your enemy during these tough times. Make things work for you and ensure that you make plans for your future.

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Dealing with People Who Bring Us Down

Dealing with People Who Bring Us Down

When dealing with people who bring us down, we have to accept that we cannot change them, but can only change ourselves. In our lifetimes, we meet a number of people, but because it takes all kinds to make the world, there are just some that are too difficult to deal with.

These are people we don't like, people we try to avoid them at all costs. Staying out of their presence may be the right solution, but there are also times where passing into their sphere is unavoidable.

Friendly individuals lift up people emotionally, and if there is conflict, it can usually be worked out amicably. When dealing with the difficult ones, however, it's important to be able to distinguish between rights and responsibilities. Sometimes we feel obliged to adapt to them but we shouldn't forgo our rights as human beings, either.

There are also those that we have to deal with out of responsibility. The best thing that we can do here is to not reciprocate the difficulties that person is giving. Treating them with respect is important and we also must learn to listen to them as they air out their points of view. Doing this will help us better understand them. Plus, if we get to know them, we'll be able to strategize more with what to do and how to respond.

Difficult people are usually those who have issues in their life. Disassociate the problem from the person and learn to see things objectively. After all, if this person is not overstepping the boundaries, they will also eventually see that we too deserve respect.

We also have to stop seeing ourselves as victims. Blaming others for making us feel miserable can only further damage us. It gives others a chance to access our emotions. Take responsibility for how we feel, and work towards a solution before they attain a mental victory over us.

We just can't change other people. We can, however, influence ourselves to stop becoming affected. Nobody is worth this much energy and we don't need to sweat over those who don't deserve our respect. Deal with them like we should with work, and that is to never take it home with us.

So, in dealing with people who bring us down, accept that we cannot change others, but can only change ourselves. This may mean that we change perception of the way we deal with the situation. It's always better to look into ourselves first and see if it's us that needs to make changes. We, as individuals, also have our own pet peeves and issues.

If that other person really needs to change and is willing to make the adjustment, then we can use constructive influence. There are tactful ways to send a message through without making someone feel worse. Let us serve as inspiration be the positive influence. When we do this, we will slowly see ourselves surrounded by only those we like and respect, and not those who bring us down.

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Rely on Your Inner Strength

Rely on Your Inner Strength

We all have this inner critic that never changes. This stops us from seeing our true strengths and abilities. The key to moving forward and overcoming insecurities is to bring awareness to what you want and what you have achieved at present.

You don't want to spend half your life running away from things you fear. If you do, then you are not living your life to the fullest. You are merely surviving. You will deny yourself from the true pleasures of life simply because you are trying to avoid trials. You won’t go anywhere and instead, you will stagnate. You'll see the people around you living their dreams, while you are still at the bottom of the ladder.

Face it - as you work your way towards success, there will always be hindrances. When problems arise, retreating is not always the answer. Giving up is the coward’s way out, and people ruled with stress and fear will never achieve anything or amount to much.

We all have to deal with stress. It's a part of life, and when you allow things to get out of control, you only make the situation worse. When you leave things alone and focus your attention elsewhere, you are allowing the situation to win.

Your life will be about avoiding issues, and nothing will ever get better. Sooner or later you have to deal with it, and when you put off your responsibilities, you may one day find yourself overburdened with problems that are too difficult to handle.

You really need to find an immediate solution to controlling a bad situation and improving your circumstances. Do it before it controls you. Although many regard stress as the enemy, there are ways to making it your friend. Quiet time is, without exception, the best way to clear up your head.

You also have to trust in your abilities. When you find yourself in a predicament, you have to see it as a chance to strategize and prove to yourself and the people around you that you are more than capable of many things.

Reclaim your self esteem and courage. Harness enough energy so that you can live through day to day experiences with a new zest for life. There is nothing you can’t achieve if you simply put your mind to it. You simply have to get up every time you fall. You may find yourself bruised and battered, but if you strive forth, you’ll be able to conquer any trial and win over it with a mind filled with wisdom- your inner strength.

One of life’s goals is to teach you a lesson, let you learn as you go through each and every experience. Gain more knowledge from it and apply what you’ve learned. Practice makes perfect, and if you keep at it, you’ll see that it gets easier along the way.

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Celebrating Life and Love

Celebrating Life and Love

Life does not always turn out the way we would want it to be. Things we wish would happen just don't. Things we hope will never happen - do. When we lose something of value, for example, we get frustrated and deeply hurt. Sometimes, we lock ourselves away from the rest of the world because we just don't want to deal with it.

Then, as time passes, we might realize that we've deprived ourselves from enjoying life and the blessings that we have. Any person who celebrates life moves past the negative. They avoid the nay-sayers, or hold little value to what they say. You just have to realize that sometimes things go well - and go awry at other times.

You don't have to feel the need to control every aspect in your life. It is within this acceptance that will you free yourself from unnecessary burdens.

To celebrate and enjoy life and love, keep these thoughts in mind:

1. Pursue your dreams with passion. Do what you desire with all vigor and zeal and don't allow distractions to delay your dream. Let your passion be your fuel.

2. Be proud of who you are. We may be far from perfect, but isn't that the point? It gives us something to strive for. Life would have been so boring if it were not this way.

3. Count your blessings. We may not have everything we want, but we do have some of them. A loving family, great friends, steady job. Whatever it may be, at least we have something we can be proud of.

4. Live life with a positive attitude. Discover what you're good at and use your talent to help you achieve your dreams. Ask friends for advice and let them help you. A helping hand or two does a world of difference.

Chasing your dream will not be easy. However, you have your entire lifetime to take action. Pursuing your dream is always worthwhie and age is unimportant here. A great life is a life filled with self-acceptance and self-love. Acknowledge who you are and be proud of how far you've come. Pat yourself on the back for every good thing that happens, and learn to share your good fortune.

When you share what you have and what you've learned, people will reciprocate your kindness. To be surrounded with love is but the greatest joy there is. Life is a gift, but it is up to you to discover life's surprises. Welcome everything that comes your way. Learn from life and live for tomorrow. The past can no longer be changed, but the future can still be altered.

The changes rest in your hands.

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Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness

Many people search their whole lives for happiness. For some, this search becomes endless, resulting in doubt that they can ever be happy.

Happiness does not have to be something you hope to have sometime in the future. It is totally in your hands to make it happen now. Part of the problem might be that you are searching outside of yourself. Happiness is not found anywhere but within you.

Sometimes we experience just how harsh reality can be. There are simply things that are beyond our control, people who we just can't change and circumstances that are just impossible to avoid. In times like these, we can choose peace. We can simply opt to forgive and experience an inner calm that gives us the strength to move on and continue.

In order for us to be able to use our power to choose happiness over everything else, we need to know what happiness is and what it truly means. Happiness is relative. Because we all came from different backgrounds, we don't share the same likes, dislikes, and pet peeves.

In other words, only you can really define what happiness means to you, and only you.

A lot of people are guilty of constantly making happiness a future occurrence by preceding every sentence they say with an "if" and a "when." These phrases trap happiness in the future. Joy can be attained immediately by anybody. To make this even more possible, you need to focus on those things that leave you with a powerful feeling of gratitude. This may be your greatest tool because when you begin to focus on what you are grateful for, you can't help but feel hopeful and excited.

Take time everyday to think about what you are most grateful for. Write about it. If you become vigilant with this practice, you'll notice more and more things to be grateful for.

The fact that you are alive or that it's a sunny day are the small things that you can smile about.

Happiness can be yours now. It is entirely up to you to make the choice to claim it. Everyone deserves to be happy, no matter what kind of person they were in the past. The point is, you just have to be happy about life in general and stop comparing yourself to others. No one has everything, and there are surely things you have that others don't.

Life is full of wonderful surprises. Though you may go through difficult days, there are still better times waiting for everyone along the way. Give yourself a chance - practice being more optimistic - and start seeing the "glass half full instead of half empty".

What sets optimists apart from pessimists is their ability to succeed by simply being thankful for what they have, no matter how small it is or how little it is worth.
They are happy.

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Dealing with Lifes Disappointments

Dealing with Life's Disappointments

Failures in some convoluted form are an integral part of life. We have to go through this to fully appreciate the successes that we have.

It’s easy to become discouraged when we encounter setbacks, to lose trust in ourselves and the people around us. Eventually, we have to come out of this hole and start rebuilding our lives. We’re left with no choice but to do this or else all our financial reserves go down the drain. Quite often the only way out of a situation is to simply trudge through it. As bad as things can be,nothing is worth dying for.

If we were to become paralyzed and contemptuous, we will only exacerbate the already glum situation. It’s throwing another log to the fire, and this will continue on and on unless we choose to put a stop to it. This vicious cycle of self-imposed ruin is something that we have to overcome.

Life is a journey of self-evolvement, and each problem we resolve can make us stronger and more resilient. We have to simply embrace life to learn how to face adversities. No matter how good or bad a situation may be, it will eventually end.

Life is all about growth through a variety of experiences. We can choose resistance or we can choose acceptance. Choosing acceptance allows us to embrace the inherent lessons along the way.

There are millions of others who are in the same boat. Everyone has to deal with these same things and we are never alone when we suffer. Let us share the burdens that we carry with our friends and ask them to help us during dire times. A burden shared is a burden halved.

With this in mind, we have to know that we can be surrounded by love if we allow it.

Happiness is all about overcoming disappointments. When we ask the help of our loved ones, we also have to know that we shouldn’t hurt them along the way. We have to appreciate what they can offer and not ask for more.

Friendship is a two-way thing. As much as we expect them to protect us, we also have to do everything within our power to make life easier for them because they also have responsibilities of their own to fulfill.

Perhaps the most valuable message about disappointment sometimes is not about us at all. Sometimes the lesson learned is about inspiring others to never give up because there’s nowhere to go but up when we are at the lowest point in our lives.

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