Dealing with People Who Bring Us Down

Dealing with People Who Bring Us Down

When dealing with people who bring us down, we have to accept that we cannot change them, but can only change ourselves. In our lifetimes, we meet a number of people, but because it takes all kinds to make the world, there are just some that are too difficult to deal with.

These are people we don't like, people we try to avoid them at all costs. Staying out of their presence may be the right solution, but there are also times where passing into their sphere is unavoidable.

Friendly individuals lift up people emotionally, and if there is conflict, it can usually be worked out amicably. When dealing with the difficult ones, however, it's important to be able to distinguish between rights and responsibilities. Sometimes we feel obliged to adapt to them but we shouldn't forgo our rights as human beings, either.

There are also those that we have to deal with out of responsibility. The best thing that we can do here is to not reciprocate the difficulties that person is giving. Treating them with respect is important and we also must learn to listen to them as they air out their points of view. Doing this will help us better understand them. Plus, if we get to know them, we'll be able to strategize more with what to do and how to respond.

Difficult people are usually those who have issues in their life. Disassociate the problem from the person and learn to see things objectively. After all, if this person is not overstepping the boundaries, they will also eventually see that we too deserve respect.

We also have to stop seeing ourselves as victims. Blaming others for making us feel miserable can only further damage us. It gives others a chance to access our emotions. Take responsibility for how we feel, and work towards a solution before they attain a mental victory over us.

We just can't change other people. We can, however, influence ourselves to stop becoming affected. Nobody is worth this much energy and we don't need to sweat over those who don't deserve our respect. Deal with them like we should with work, and that is to never take it home with us.

So, in dealing with people who bring us down, accept that we cannot change others, but can only change ourselves. This may mean that we change perception of the way we deal with the situation. It's always better to look into ourselves first and see if it's us that needs to make changes. We, as individuals, also have our own pet peeves and issues.

If that other person really needs to change and is willing to make the adjustment, then we can use constructive influence. There are tactful ways to send a message through without making someone feel worse. Let us serve as inspiration be the positive influence. When we do this, we will slowly see ourselves surrounded by only those we like and respect, and not those who bring us down.

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