Creating Love and Fostering Friendship

Creating Love and Fostering Friendship

Love and friendship don't come easy.

Many people believe that love and friendship are two mutually exclusive ideas. They know that ideally, your partner, the person you most care for, also needs to be your greatest confidant. They know it, but they don't put their knowledge into good use. Moreover, they limit these two concepts to their partner, their significant other, to their other half. But the truth is, love and friendship apply to most, if not all of the relationships that they have in their life.

Love and friendship don't always comes naturally. It takes a lot of work to create relationships that stand the test of time. The relationships have to be created and worked on by both people involved. As you reflect on the various stages in life, you'll realize that you sometimes have to let go of some of your friends. There's a sort of 'falling out' with some of the people that you once considered an important and integral part of your growth.

To foster the kind of relationship that engenders both love and friendship, and lasts a lifetime, there are several things you can do.

The first is to be a good friend. For you to attract the right people, you have to be a good and loving individual. You get what you give, and if you truly show kindness, you'll earn their loyalty as well.

No one wants a selfish friend. A healthy relationship involves give and take. You need not be a perfect person. We all have some room for improvement and could use a little bit of help in becoming better.

Secondly, you must allow time to play its role in enhancing whatever relationship you have in your life now. Just like a successful business venture, you need to invest a part of yourself into it. It is a matter of finding the ideal time to establish a connection. Huge chunks of your time go into your work, and you often forget hat the most important thing in life is the people that surround you. Many die lonely after marrying their careers. They forget that all their efforts are in vain when there is no one to share their triumphs.

Third, you need to be honest about your feelings. You need to choose your friends, and make it a wise decision. You simply cannot live with people that pull you down. When you feel yourself getting dragged lower, cut the chains and save yourself from further hurt.

So, can love survive without friendship? Definitely not. Love stems out of friendship and no relationship can survive without mutual respect.

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BeaK. said...

Richard, this the most heart warming post I've read today.

I consider you a very special friend. I trust you, I certainly respect you and all you stand for, and I love you the way a good friend should feel about a good friend.

This is a wonderful blog, I wasn't aware of it before.

Thank you for being a wonderful person and good friend.

Bea Kunz

Richard said...

Thank you for the kind words, Bea.