We're posting Notes and Nuggets. They pertain to just about
anything that comes to mind which seems valuable enough to
save, comment on, or evaluate.

So, here we are with our first entry: an invitation to use this
as an opportunity to communicate your Nuggets to your friends,
to us at RichardPresents, and to our friends.

Join in, be Blogged by RichardPresents.(*) Send your Nuggets to:

(*) What is a weblog/blog?
A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequentl
updated posts that are arranged chronologically—like a
what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes
of blogs varies greatly—from links and commentary about
other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea,
to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates,
even fiction.

Blog posts are like instant messages to the web.

Many blogs are personal, "what's on my mind" type musings.
Others are collaborative efforts based on a specific topic or
area of mutual interest. Some blogs are for play. Some are
or work. Some are both.

Blogs are also excellent team/department/company/family
communication tools. They help small groups communicate
in a way that is simpler and easier to follow than email or
discussion forums. Use a private blog on an intranet to
allow team members to post related links, files, quotes, or
commentary. Set up a family blog where relatives can share
personal news. A blog can help keep everyone in the loop,
promote cohesiveness and group culture, and provide an
informal "voice" of a project or department to outsiders.

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PS. should you ask, Nuggets are precious (usually metal),
but for our purpose they are mental... thoughts, ideas,
cerebrations, intellections, opinions, persuasions, views and