Holidays Approaching! Christmas Greetings and other Family Fun Stuff

If you have children and grandchildren looking forward to Christmas as mine are, you can keep them occupied at my Christmas Greetings website with gifts, games, stories, and little fun type projects.

I put this webpage together with simple things to add to their excitement and to help parents and grandparents share in this excitement.

There's stuff there just for adults, too, like special holiday dessert recipes (chocolate cake, candy and pumpkin pies), stories about the holidays to read to the children, instructions for creating some easy to make gifts and holiday decorations, and even a special coloring book that can be downloaded and printed for everyone to share.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, it's all free. I have a few more fun things to add over the next few weeks until Christmas. Want to know how many weeks, and days, (even minutes and seconds) until then?

You can check that right at the Christmas Greetings website.

Would you like your little ones to get a personal letter from Santa? You can arrange for that, too.