Being the Best of Who You Can Be

Being the Best of Who You Can Be

The word 'best' is relative. Some may think they become better people when they've climbed the ladder of success and reached the top. Some, on the other hand, believe that a happy family life will make them the best that they can be. The word is actually dependent on your goals in life.

Admittedly, we all have different goals, and some may be harder to attain than others. Becoming better, whether physically, spiritually, or mentally, will depend on how we are as a person.

We must accept who we are and what our limitations are. We all have different talents and we need to know what our niche in life is so we can work on it. Our life's experiences have shaped who we've become, and because we have different experiences, we all have unique talents and abilities.

Someone who grew up in poverty may say that they have become more street-smart, a successful person may boast of his business abilities, and a mother may say that she is quite adept at balancing her time at work and with her family.

Whatever it is, we've learned to cope with life because we simply had to. And in our efforts to meet all the demands placed on us, we had to learn the ways in which we can meet the expectations that others have of us.

The problem is that many people don't want to accept who they are and what they've become. They sometimes let their past affect them, as if they were ashamed of the very thing that helped them become the person they are today. Living in shame is not a way to becoming our ultimate selves. If
we do, we will spend our lives trying to hide our true nature. That's simply no way to live!

We must accept that there are just some things we cannot change. These things should teach us to be proud of who we are. After all, when we go through great misery, we come out of it filled with wisdom. We need to share our story, so that we can say we had it in us to succeed despite the things
that happened to us.

We should be proudest of overcoming the things that we were once ashamed of.

Confidence and Self Trust

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