The Need for Self-Confidence

The Need for Self-Confidence

In order to succeed in life, we first have to believe in ourselves.

We all have hidden fears that we don't always want to share with others. These fears often leave us paralyzed. When the need to overcome these fears is required, sometimes we take the easy way out by hiding and running for cover.

Without self confidence, we won't have the tools to face life's challenges. The dilemma we sometimes face is not knowing how to gain self confidence. Do we really have to experience success first before we believe in ourselves? Maybe, but then again, many set themselves up to be discouraged before they've even tried anything.

In order to succeed in life, we first have to believe in ourselves. All this talk about finding ways to achieve success is pointless when we just don't trust our own talents and abilities

To make your goals more attainable, you can make them more manageable by breaking down your larger goal into smaller ones. The chances for success here then increase. Then, make sure that you celebrate each small feat that you overcome.

Self image is another important factor. If you constantly criticize yourself, you will never feel adequate. Negativity begets negativity. This low self image is sometimes the by-product of your life experiences as you face the devastating blows of your wrong choices. You need to realize that these mistakes will never hold you down as long as you don't allow them to. Look at now, not yesterday!

What have you learned from your wrong choices? Use these experiences to serve as a guide as you continue on life's path.

There are also people who have an effect on the way you look at yourself. It's your choice about spending time with individuals that tear you down. Learn to put your foot down and seek out those who can be more helpful to your overall growth. The ones that deserve your time are the ones who recognize your inner strength.

See yourself as inherently worthy. Be aware of how unique you are and realize that you are more than capable of contributing to the good of the world. Pay attention only to those who want what's best for you. Turn a deaf ear to those who just want to see you go down. Look at yourself in a more positive light and start to see what you are actually blessed with.

Your self image is intimately intertwined with your destiny. Guard you thoughts against feelings of inadequacy. The power of a positive vision should never be underestimated. This is what helped the most successful people on their way to the top.

Rule of thumb states that the clearer the goal is, the higher your self confidence gets.Only with trusting yourself and knowing what you are capable of will you ever be able to attain success.

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Annie said...

Thanks Richard for your nice post. I can relate with it, cuz I really have a low self esteem. I have the skills and talents (like writing custom papers) but I'm not showing it off.

Richard said...

Hello Annie, you obviously have some gumption and enough confidence in yourself to expose what you believe to be your shortcomings. Take it to the next step and promote your skills - you have a very comprehensive list of achievements at your web site. Be proud of what you have accomplished. The definition of 'pride' is 'self esteem'.