Serious About Creating a Web Presence?
Have You Considered Writing?

If you're serious about creating a web presence with the possibility of realizing some extra income from your efforts - a good way is to write about something you know how to do.

It's not such a great idea to start writing about Internet Marketing unless you are already an expert or know something that none of the other experts know.

That field is incredibly crowded.

But - if you love to fish and can tie flies that catch the big ones - you could write a couple of related reports on your secret methods.

What's your hobby? Do you share your interests with other hobbyists? What do you talk about?

Cool. Write about it. Break it up into short reports or even write a book.

A lot of people have created a rewarding web presence writing about how they do stuff... and many have done quite well by writing about how they wrote their "How To" book.

If you'd like some suggestions, read the Special Report on my RichardPresents.com website on "How To Write a 'How to...' Book".

There is a big market for good, first hand 'How To" information.

In future posts, we'll review some of the ways to get your stuff out where the public can buy it.

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