Forums - Gold Mines of Free Information
and It's Really Easy Digging

Years back when I started to browse the Internet, Bulletin Boards and forums were a source of information I overlooked for the longest time.

When I eventually did start to visit them, it was with a bit of hesitation.

My initial reaction was that the moderators and even the people posting were so much more experienced than I, that it was somewhat intimidating.

Yes, I had questions that I might have asked and comments that could have been offered, but I didn't want to be embarrassed and look dumb to all of the forum visitors.

So what did I do? I Lurked. I was learning... and the biggest thing I learned was that forums existed covering all of the things that really interested me.

Then I got a bit more brave and made a few posts and asked a few questions.

Forums are Gold Mines of information and opportunity. One of the great benefits of visiting forums is that just about any question that comes to mind has already been asked - and answered.

And if the answer to your question doesn't already exist on a forum, people will willingly and unselfishly pitch in and answer it.

If forums are something new to you, give them a try. Read "Skills for Using Forums". It's a short and free report that will really help you get started...

... Download you free "Forum Super Tips" Guide while you're there.

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