We had a skunk attack in our side yard around 3 AM this morning.
The stink was bad enough to keep me awake for a couple of hours.

However, the time wasn't wasted. My mind was busy thinking about
what helpful information I might post today.

A few years ago, I prepared a little article about getting started with
marketing online. It reviewed a lot of what I experienced as I began
to create my websites, blogs and information reports.

I planned to share that with you today. It's titled

Welcome to 'Getting Started Reports'

A preview of what to expect when Creating
your own Web Presence

Here's what's in that article:

"There's so much to talk about that it's a bit difficult to know exactly
where to start. So, let's make this our beginning, and just talk 'til we
come to the end of our discussion.

Actually, there isn't really a definable end to our subject of 'Getting
Started Creating Your Own Web Presence'.

We're going to talk about some things to expect when starting an
internet business. We're not going to start by re-inventing internet
marketing, e-commerce, or anything like that and we are not
a course in website construction or a course for
internet sales tricks.

There are already many outstanding top quality such programs by
super successful marketers available for sale.

Some of them can be obtained through the RichardPresents.com
website. There are even outstanding top quality programs available
at no charge, particularly... read more here

Over the years, I've written and collected some information items
that are still very appropriate for anyone involved in creating
a web presence.

I plan to post these in the future.

I hope everyone remembers and honors their Fathers and
Grandfathers today. It makes us feel good.

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