Valuable Information waiting to be Discovered in Blogs

I'm a blogger and if you are reading this, you probably are, too. In a broad sense, bloggers not only create and publish information, they search for, read, and benefit from the mother lode of treasures awaiting discovery in someone else's weblog...

...and sharing these treasures through references to the postings of other bloggers can lead to increased visitor traffic, cyber friendships, and a greater web presence.

For example, I recently 'discovered'
SmartMoneyconnection.com . It contains an abundance of smart and practical ways for handling, saving, and enjoying money.

It's worth sharing with your family and special friends - they don't have to be bloggers, either. Just provide them with this link - http://smartmoneyconnection.com

(Wikipedia and Thesaurus.com don't actually define "blogger" as a person, but they do use the term in the same context as I have used it here.)

Technorati does Tag it -
SmartMoneyconnection.com is truly a Cornucopia of Money Saving Tips and Advice.

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