A quick update on STINGER

If you don't have an Emergency backup Virus Protection program yet, here's an step you could take, Right Now!

McAfee offers a FREE Virus Scanning program called STINGER.

It has grown in size a little over the past few years and no longer fits on a single floppy Disk. But so many of the newer PCs, including lap tops don't have an "A" floppy drive anyway, you should burn it to a CD for an offline back up tool.

You can use it as we do, to check any of your PC computers for viruses, without being on line. Sometimes those clever Trojans disable your Internet connection. Stinger helped us some time ago when one of our computers became infected and we couldn't get online to update the Anti-Virus software.

It is an 'After the Fact' application, which means that it does not scan incoming email files, attachments or downloads, but it does scan whatever you have already received while online.

It currently checks and repairs more than 50 recent Medium and High Risk threats. It's FREE to download from McAfee STINGER

Stinger v3.8.0 - Updated September 10, 2007 is a Free download from McAfee at

Future Updates will be announced here

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