Writing for the print media helps many people create and develop their web presence or "Brand".

Pick up any magazine and you'll notice that many of the article by-lines and bio's include a web address or even an email address for the Author.

Writing acceptable copy for publication in magazines, newspapers, and books, however, seems to have more formal rules than when self publishing articles and reports to personal blogs and websites.

Publishing is concerned with the production of literature and information for public view - and each publisher has specific standards for accuracy, quality and style.

Style guides (or style manuals) are prevalent for general and specialized usage, for the general reading and writing audience, and for students and scholars.

Basic writing styles are introduced in my brief report "Article Writing Styles Explained", but that’s just part of the story….

Publishing house style guides outline standards for design and writing for a specific publication or organization. Some focus on graphic design, covering such topics as typography and white space.

There's a lot more involved in getting your work published, however - all beyond the scope of this brief report. If you're new to article publishing, find a good agent to help you set up your publishing deal.

The tasks and time commitments inherent in a Publishing Deal involve Publisher Research, Writing Query Letters, developing Pitch Lists, Preparing and Mailing Submissions, Follow up Work, and whatever else may happen during the usually long and arduous journey from idea to actual publication.

And if it all woks out - you could become famous.

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