Steering Yourself towards the Path You Choose

Steering Yourself towards the Path You Choose

Just like the story of Aladdin, you have to find your own magic lamp, your own life path to get you to your dreams and to fulfill your destiny.

Imagine this, you go through the daily grind, pay for all the mistakes that you didn't make in the first place, and are still answerable to someone else. A lot of people lead this kind of life.

To know if you're one of them, ask yourself if you align actions according to your personal beliefs. Most likely, it's not all the time that you get to do what you want.

In fact, you may find yourself joining the bandwagon, going with the flow, and still feeling that somehow, deep down inside, you're not exactly enjoying the moment.

First and foremost, you must not mistake selflessness with a lack of courage. Most of the time, we do what we must do for fear of rejection or fear of being ridiculed.

This may be part of maintaining the peace around you, but maybe there is a way you can get yourself out from this rut. (Read more)

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