Putting Motivation Into Perspective when Setting Business Goals

Putting Motivation Into Perspective when Setting Business Goals

The difference between achieving formal goals versus informal goals is one of motivation.

If you've ever worked in a corporate management position, you're no stranger to MBO - the concept of establishing measurable goals and their importance to any organization that practices management by objectives.

Even if you've never been in a position where you had to define specific, measurable goals, you may not realize that you do this every single day. By not consciously saying so, you are actually setting goals and you are usually better able to achieve them with far less analysis than accomplished through formal goal setting.

Quite often with formal goals, we may make progress towards our objective, but not have a clear understanding of the process required - and we often see a decline in our motivation to continue effectively.

This is perhaps most often seen in group work environments where one or two members of the group seem to "Get It", while others just sort of follow along, contributing only when asked and simply waiting for others to ensure the goal is achieved at some hazy future point.

Yet as individuals, we are often (Read more)

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