Weaving Optimism And Positive Thinking Into Success

People are often their own worst enemy, especially if they allow negative feelings to create artificial barriers to achieving their personal and professional goals.

This happens every day. For example - person A starts to talk enthusiastically about a new opportunity and immediately persons B and C become spoilsports and attempt to shoot the idea down by focusing only on the negative consequences that could possibly result.

Person A can make two choices - maintain their original positive optimism or be influenced by the aggressively pessimistic naysayers.

In many cases, a negative person will allow emotions like anger to cloud their judgment for no other reason than they take everything that happens too personally.

It's almost as if their egos won't allow them to miss an opportunity to get upset and start an argument. Coupled with a false sense of indignation they fail to realize that they are actually creating more barriers to resolving whatever the issue may have been in the first place.

In nature, opposites attract, but in real life things just (read more)

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