Winning People Over

Winning People Over

Friends are people who share the same views in life. In our eagerness to win people over, we sometimes mistakenly believe that we need to put all our efforts into doing anything to win their friendship.

Truth is, some people just get along while others just don't. People are built differently, which is why we develop certain kinds of friendships. We are like birds of a feather - which we all know - stick together.

There are some things in life we cannot change. Instead, Joel Osteen, the world's leading inspirational speaker, urges all of us to believe in ourselves and to know our worth.

People radiating confidence become the more popular ones simply because they inspire others around them to be the same upbeat individual.

No one likes to surround themselves with gloom, unless their purpose in life is to bring others down.

But then again, who wants to be with this sort of person? When we become too much of a pessimist, we can't blame the others who try to avoid us. In fact, we might be guilty of doing the same when we encounter people we just don't like .

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