Your Lifes Direction

Most of us don't know our direction in life.

Ever find yourself waking up one morning up full of zest and energy to pursue your life's dreams and then realize another six months have gone by and you aren't even one step closer to any of your goals? If you find yourself in this rut, then maybe it's because you've been caught in a trap, the kind that is difficult to get out of. Where are you headed? Do you know? Where have your dreams gone? Have you just pushed them aside?

Most of us don't know our direction in life. We live with so many dreams inside us but somehow we keep finding ourselves finding excuses to delay the pursuit of our goals. We offer up so many excuses: bills to pay, family to take care of, work to finish, etc. Too many excuses and too many delaying tactics.

In the end, when we see that we haven't accomplished much, we have no one to blame but us. We don't want to live life this way. But then, who does?

We get off track time and again, as most people do. We get too caught up in life's little hindrances that we forget to live in the moment, to enjoy the present! The reason for all the confusion may lie on the fact that our dreams are not as well-defined as we would want them to be.

The problem, therefore, is focus. We must have clarity of thought to know how we can accomplish what we want. We need a step-by-step plan that spells out what we have to do to get to the end. When we experience setbacks, we have to know how to deal with each of them.

After all, nothing in life is perfect. There are just things that are way beyond our control, and if we live life going a step forward and then two steps back, we go further away from our dreams. The farther we go, the more impossible it will seem to get what we want.

It's also important to acknowledge the situation we're in. We all live in different environments and have different methods of coping with reality. The important thing is to be in touch with the things that happen around us. Knowing how our surroundings affect us will give us clues on what to do with the inevitable limitations set on us.

We can sometimes fall flat on our faces and commit social faux pas along the way. If this happens, just remember it's not the end of the world. We get up, keep moving, and come up with an even better plan. We don't need to be super heroes to avoid traps. What we need is an interminable spirit to continue on despite mistakes.

We have to be our own biggest supporter, the person who cheers the loudest during game time. Otherwise, who will believe in a person who doubts? Let us start chasing our dreams, stop running away from harsh reality, and take the time to map our life's direction

Steering Yourself towards the Path You Choose

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