QR (Quick Response) Codes Are Important To Smartphone Users

Today you can access the internet from a pc, from a laptop, from a smart phone, from a tablet, and so on, you get the idea?.. Fragmentation!

So what are QR codes and where do they fit in?

With more people accessing the internet from mobile devices it's important that they can reach your information quickly and easily. 

One way to do this is through the use of a QR (Quick Response) code. 

The code itself is a 2-D barcode consisting of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background. 

It can be scanned with a QR code reader available on any smart phone, and smart phone users know what to do with them! 

QR codes have been around for years but are just starting to gain popularity and usage with the growing market of smart phones. The codes themselves can be put just about anywhere – from a business card to an email signature to a storefront window to a t-shirt.
How to Use QR codes
Scanning a QR code can take the user to a website, a form, or product information; or even to a Virtual Business Card (VBC) where the QR code will launch the users address book and contact information will be "populated" and ready to save. A significant  improvement over typing this information on a tiny smart phone keyboard or screen!

Why do people with smart phones like QR codes? 

Because they make life easier! Typing a website address, a contact’s complete profile including name & email & phone number & address, or filling out a form on a tiny little keyboard gets tedious - and scanning a QR code is easy and gives instantaneous results. 

By incorporating the use of a QR code for your website, or using a Virtual Business Card with a scanable QR code, you engage your audience, customers, prospects, and contacts; show that you value their time, and can offer more detailed information quickly and easily. 
Is it possible that using QR codes can save you time? The answer is yes!

Have you ever tried to give someone a url and had to spell it out letter by letter? And when that website address includes dots and dashes and forward slashes and hyphens and maddeningly seems to get longer and longer, it is just plain difficult! 

Or have you tried to type in a contact’s information on your smart phone? It can be awkward asking, ‘can you spell that for me one more time’ again and again. 

There is an easier solution, a faster solution, and a more accurate way of giving and getting information about websites and contact information to that growing segment of the population that uses mobile devices to access the internet; to be able to connect with people in one easy step.

 QR codes are the answer. There is a simple understandable platform to generate them, both for yourself and for others to use also. 
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