Are You a Small Business Owner

Do you own your own Business, SMB … or operate your own Small local retail business as a Sole proprietor,

possibly with a small staff of helpers/employees?
Do you do most of the work yourself during the business day, and try to keep up with the paperwork at night,
at home?
Does your business have an email account with a list of all of your customers, plus a website and a facebook page?
What about a comprehensive Marketing Plan?
Those are just a few of the 30 or more issues that I handled each week with my own small local retail businesses,
. . . so I know just what you are facing if you are trying to grow your local business.
There is a solution and I’d love to help you implement it.
Who am I and how can I help?
After nearly 30 years working as an Engineering Manager in an International Corporation, I retired to become a Partner and General Manage of a major truck stop with a variety of profit centers -
Diesel and Gasoline fuel, Food Service and Tavern, 50 room Motel, Trucker’s Store with clothing, truck repair parts, electronics, and
loads more.
After improving and selling the truckstop, I owned a network of local laundromats and also worked as a Retail Sales person and Graphic Designer in a local Printing business.
I found the solution – you just can’t do it all by yourself.
You need an experienced helper or organization to take on the essential marketing work so you can devote more time developing your business while they are resolving many of the 30 or more issues holding you back from growing your business to the next level.
As a Representative and Founder at the ICA Network, I can help you select and apply our Products and Services to solve your Marketing issues and create an econimical Mobile Marketing program -
* If your website display is too small to be easily read on a potential customer’s smartphone, or if it takes so long to load that the customer just cancels and starts looking at your competitor’s Mobile Friendly websites -
* If you would like to entice more customers with coupons and on-the-spot promotions,
* If you need a completely Mobile Friendly website, If your Facebook page is stale and seldom if ever updated,
* If your potential clients and cstomers can’t find your business when searching on their digital devices, and you need to be on the first page of a Google Search Result, guaranteed -
* If you need your own business APP to share with your customers and clients,
* If you want to send unlimited Text messaging to your customers who join your TEXT Club,
* If you wish to be up to date with QR Codes for your promotions,
The ICA Network has the solutions – economical and affordable. Take a look at my webpage and check out our national TV Commercial.
Let us help you Mobilize and Optimize your Marketing for a more Profitable business.
Richard Rossbauer

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