Playing to Win

Playing to Win

Most of us would like to succeed at every endeavor and be superhuman. Unfortunately, unlike those superheroes we know of, we bleed and get hurt every time we fail. So, instead of pursuing our goal, we back out and quit. Life is a game, and our goal may not have to be to win in every round. What should
be important is that we learn from the rules so that we really do get to triumph in the end.

In our professional lives, we would like to be with a team of winners, but to make this even remotely possible, we need to create a good relationship among the players. We all need a sort of wake up call to realize that winning is rarely easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and time.

We need to celebrate every single moment of that journey. Yes, we may make bad choices along the way, but at least we know whether they work or not. Once we make that decision to bravely venture into the unknown, we need to take careful and deliberate steps.

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When we play the game of life, we also need to realize that in order to win, we must come up with innovative ideas. We need to let go of perceived notions and let our creative juices flow. If we become willing to test things out, we get to strategize even better. Yes, we may be unsuccessful, but the disappointment is not the entire point of the journey.

The most accomplished individuals in today’s world have failed, but they let their thirst for victory guide them through the entire process. In the end, their failures were soon forgotten because what people ultimately remember is their courage to take risks. In fact, many have become icons that inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

To succeed in life, we need to face each day with a kind of hope that gives us the strength to overcome hurdles and still smile after a sad and depressing day because we know that things can always get better.

We need to play to win. As long as we have the strength to wake up each morning and drag ourselves out of bed, we can still do something that will make a difference in our lives.

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