Enhancing Your Conversation Skills

Enhancing Your Conversation Skills

All of us intuitively know when we are about to have a difficult conversation with somebody. Yet, there are still a few of us who do not have any trouble striking up random conversations.

Usually, difficulty happens when we know that there is a likely chance that negative feedback will occur.

Some conversations may also seem difficult because we think that there are just too many things at stake.

We may have already taken a position where a retraction would lead to embarrassment.

Which is why it's important that we reflect on things before we put our foot in our mouths.

Here are a few guide questions we can ask ourselves before we get into a form of interaction:

1. What do I want from this conversation?
2. What can I expect from it?
3. What sort of fears will crop up midway?
4. Am I making assumptions about the person I'm about to talk to?
5. Am I willing to listen and understand?

For interaction to be successful, we need to (read more)

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