How to Make a Real Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Others

How to make a real difference in your life and the lives of others

This video interview by Jeanette Joy is actually more than a successful person (Internet Marketer - Ken McArthur) discussing his desire to help other Internet Marketers -

- the real Impact from this interview is the depth of feeling and personal passion Ken expresses in his desire to help everyone make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

As an acquaintance of Ken McArthur, I can attest to the fact that what he discusses in this interview about helping others make a difference in their lives comes from the depth of his heart and soul.

Jeanette Joy's interview of online business expert Ken McArthur, best-selling author of “Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World,” has enabled thousands of people to achieve amazing impact by championing the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone.

Put aside a few moments to watch this - it's Impactful!


Here's a link to Ken's Book at Amazon:
Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World

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personal development said...

ou need to be willing to have courage to take action when you become aware of your own limiting beliefs and uncomfortable feelings but you also need to be willing to fail in your attempt to overcome your own obstacles before you get a break-through! Sometimes the going will be tough but the rewards are more than worth the temporary discomfort.