Pushing or Laying Back

From Seth Godin's Blog - another way to think about pushing yourself, or laying back from Seth Godin's daily blog posts..

Seth's  daily blog is my Number One daily reading - so insightful, thought provoking, sometimes agrumentative, but always brilliant!

How true is his view of this work ethic - "doing more"?


There is a lot of fear associated with 'overextended'.

Take too much financial risk, expose yourself to the vagaries of the market and you'll  end up stressed, bankrupt and overextended.

Stretch your knee too much in the wrong direction after a long swim and the doctor will tell you that the ligaments are overextended.

Brands that get greedy and put their names in too many places in too many ways (as Tiffany's did a generation ago) get overextended and take a long time to heal.

But what about the more prevalent, more insidious and ultimately more damaging  notion of being underextended?

The factory-mindset encourages every worker to ...(more here) "

That's my thought for today


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