Free eBook available on Productivity

Would you like a Free eBook with information that would help you work
out strategies for getting things done?

That's part of the foundation for improving Productivity, you know.

That's the title of your free ebook -
"Productivity - Discover Strategies for Getting Things Done"

Lots of other valuable insight on things like -

   * Creating a Game Plan
   * Reducing Distractions
   * Increasing Motivation
   * Delegation, when is it necessary
   * Handling Setbacks
   * Resisting Negativity
   * Taking Care of Yourself
   * Rewarding Yourself
   * and much,. much more

"Your eBook is in pdf format, easily downloadable and can be read on
your monitor and printed out for ready reference where ever you may be.

...25 pages, when printed on both sides of a page make it easy to file in
your briefcase and keep it conveniently on you work space.

Here's how you can get your free copy -

Send me an email to richardpresents@cs.com
with the Subject - Productivity

...and I'll send the download link back by replying to your email -
sometimes emails through Hotmail and Yahoo don't reach me, so
if you have a Gmail or other valid address, please use it.

I really want to share this with you and I'm looking forward to hearing
from you soon. 


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