Attain Your Dream Career

Don't avoid the career that you want based solely on the need to get through day by day.

When we graduate from high school and start choosing the life course we want to take, most of us opt for something that covers a wider range of job opportunities.

At 18, we don’t always have a clear picture of what we want to be in the future. There are those lucky few, however, that already have a clear path in their minds. If we were to inherit a large sum of money, then this is not so much of an issue.

Practically, though, most of us have to work to be able to survive in today’s competitive world. It's possible, that after we graduate we might realize that we should have taken a different path. As much as we would like to go back to school and study, we have to choose work above everything else. So, what happens to us? There may be a way to solve this dilemma.

Personality tests have become increasingly popular among people entering the workforce. These tests are intended to reveal a most desired career path. On the surface, this may sound like a great idea. We sometimes have dreams that are not in line with who we are and these tests can give us a chance to test the unknown.

After all, we can’t fully define our path to success by simply knowing who we are. We may have hidden strengths that may only reveal themselves when the need arises. Introverts may do well in a career in sales, but how are we to know what we can do unless we can try it out.

It may sometimes appear that we’ll lead happier lives if we stick to our strengths and what we’re most comfortable with. Part of us will always remain unsatisfied when we limit our horizons out of fear or conformity. We might find ourselves waking up one day with a deep feeling of regret, and this is what we want to avoid at all costs.

Growing up, we’re completely dependent on our parents to meet our survival needs. Over time, we learn to cope with the demands life gives us. Our survival skills can only get us so far in the adult world. In most cases, the need to simply endure and carry on eventually wears thin, revealing the hidden chasm of anxiety.

We should not avoid the career that we want based solely on the need to get through day by day. We first must overcome our fears. We need to delve into something that fits our desires. Courage is what is needed here. If we can’t afford to give up the benefits of enjoying monetary stability, we must find the time to start small.

The World Wide Web offers many opportunities to hone and develop our hidden strengths. As we gain the respect of other people, we will find that job offers slowly start to trickle in. Take what we can and slowly start to let go of the other things that we don’t really enjoy. Keep in mind that if we become vigilant about this, we could soon find ourselves doing what we exactly want.

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