Courage and Resilience

One definition of Courage is facing fear with our heads held high.

People experience fear everyday and sometimes are even paralyzed by it. We are allowed to feel it, and we should! Otherwise, we wouldn't be human if we were immune to the many types of emotions. It's not sacrificing our lives all of the time. In fact, we all have the makings of a real hero, and in our own little ways, we can show that we are willing to face all the trials that life throws in our way.

The strength to be courageous is inside us all and we are given many opportunities where we can use it. We sometimes do everything to avoid uncomfortable situations. As we face the Goliath of our inner David, we get scared of the unknown and of the possibility that we will lose. We can't help but flinch and run away. But, we have to know that we all have the innate ability to summon all our strength and stand our ground.

Here are a few tips that may help us along the way:

1. Know what we have. Fear can rule us and paralyze us if we let it. Then, instead of facing something manageable, we face a puffed up illusion of the fear. Pray and ask the people in our lives to help us through the ordeal, no matter how small or big it is. Our insecurities may seem so huge in our minds that this can seem insurmountable, but the only way we can overcome them is to face them and push ourselves towards them. We have people we can count on. This is not to say that we forgo all our responsibilities and let them handle all of it. We have to know that we still must go through it, but a hand to hold makes a world of difference.

2. Learn how to discover what's beyond our comfort zone. When we have to confront something, it takes an element of risk into the unknown. If there are risks involved, it does mean we have to let go of it simply because we do not know what to do. The more we confront the fear, the easier it becomes in our lives. The risk of threat is always around. If we always give up, we will digress and destroy our lives. What will make us stronger is our ability to always get up every time we fall.

3. Face life with optimism. Recognize that there are things beyond our control. Accept these things and change the way we respond. Instead of it bringing us down, we must find ways to make it work to our advantage. This takes practice, but once we are able to alter our attitude, we will see that life does not throw us problems that we can't handle.

Courage and resilience go hand in hand because they bring healthy growth. Nature has gifted us with the ability to adapt. It is now up to us to discover how to use this ability.

Confidence and Self Trust Helps!

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