Stress Breathing' Techniques - Do NOT Take A Deep Breath

Coaches and athletes understand the need to practice proper breathing habits to keep metabolism in balance. Those of us who have poor breathing habits can experience a drop in our body's energy by up to 85%. This is a significant decline in aerobic energy production.

The physiological changes caused by poor breathing habits throws off our pH balance, the ratio of O2 to CO2 in the bloodstream, diminishes energy, and can create a feeling of anxiety or poor health in general. Although we naturally breathe automatically, over the course of our lifetimes we actually learn to breathe incorrectly.

When we begin to feel stressed, we have a tendency to also begin breathing faster and shallowly. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in our blood causing blood vessels to constrict. This often leads to hyper-ventilation, throwing our metabolism completely out of balance!

It's a behavior that can be unlearned given time and effort.

So, first thing we need is to become aware of our breathing habits by actually (read more)

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