Words, Words, Words - to savor and abuse

In spite of all of the technological communication tools available to us, words are at the core of nearly everything we do. We read them, we write them, we speak, whisper, and shout them.

We can paint mind pictures, create and change relationships, make love, and make enemies all through our choice of words.

I just read a post about the use of words that I want to share, because the author, Arlene Bice has touched on another use of words - demeaning, insulting and assassination of character. So rampant during this charged time before our National elections.

And who are the offenders, read Arlene's post here Arlene S. Bice blog: Political Words

Shouldn't we all take Time to
Think about the words we hear and evaluate what they are intended to portray?

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asbice@aol.com said...

It's good to hear someone else that knows the value of words. Such an easy thing to use and such power they command. It's good to be in touch. See you in October. Arlene